Burn Pits Are Killing Our Veterans: Video with Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Veterans are coming home from the War on Terror and suffering from the horrific effects of burn pits. Instead of receiving support from the VA—America’s veterans have found they need to fight a new battle at home with an unexpected enemy—bureaucracy.

Free the People sat down with Kelley Beaucar Vlahos of The American Conservative, who has written extensively on the effects of burn pits on America’s veterans, to get to the bottom of the story.

5 thoughts on “Burn Pits Are Killing Our Veterans: Video with Kelley Beaucar Vlahos”

  1. Why don’t the various mainstream news-media outlets ever note (at least not during my three decades of news/commentary consumption) that one of the main reasons the Iranian Revolution occurred was due to foreign oil companies, notably those of the U.S., exploiting their resources? I understand that it was a profit-losing lesson learned by the oilmen CEOs that they would never allow to happen to them again, by way of accessing always-willing domestic political thus military muscle. … If American/Western oil companies are against Iran, then so are those governments and by extension via news-media so are the citizens.
    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

    1. Let’s also note that the US war in Afghanistan, the US wars in Iraq, the US war in Vietnam, and a whole bunch of others including more than 2,000,000 dead in Cambodia are all down to US interference and warmongering. Syria, Libya, Laos, and Sudan didn’t bomb the USA.

  2. I lost one of my dearest own last Oct. 29. His small children are growing up now without their father. More than ’nuff said. Except a pox on all those who sent him into this harm’s way!

  3. USers!
    They are on the wrong continent, as usual. The filthy US is damaging the health of Asians; when it’s not murdering them by the thousand.
    Stay in North America and stop burning trash.

  4. Don’t get stuck on burn-pit detail, you dumb zerO-G mercenaries. And yes, I am a vet who saw though the bull and got out and made it on the outside.

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