Credibility Crisis: No One Believes Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was sure of who was responsible for the attack on Saudi oil facilities shortly after the attack. Neocons followed suit, one by one blaming Iran and calling for the war they’ve been drooling over for years. But not only are Washington’s European partners skeptical of the claims – even Gulf allies are not outright blaming Iran. Lies grease the wheels of the war machine and with the latest attack the grease is flowing freely. What will Trump do? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Credibility Crisis: No One Believes Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia”

  1. Pompeo’s immediately blaming Iran suggests a false flag…Why would Iran attack Saudi Arabia’s oil processing facilities and provoke war. Both are members of OPEC, Iran one of its founders. It does not make sense… (1) Iran vehemently has denies involvement in the attacks on oil tankers un the Strait of Hormuz. (2) China gets 91% of its Oil via the Strait of Hormuz and Iran, Japan gets 62%, & many other countries that also fuel up from Iran. (3) Pompeo a self-admitted liar when heading the CIA, is not a liar now? (4) Qui bono, who benefits, who wants to bomb, bomb…bomb Iran…Bibi perhaps who is furiously trying to carry on and not wear orange overalls…? (5) Who has the technology and control of the CrapolaNewsNetwork to promote a false narrative…? Deep State Israel Saudi Arabia shenanigans perhaps? Go figure…

    1. It was uncertain at first what happened, but once they started blaming Iran it became clear this was the reason for the false flag.

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