Shocking Allegations About Elite Australian Soldiers During Afghanistan War

Video from 60 Minutes Australia:

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  1. I will verify later but if this is based on the data leaked by whistleblower David McBride then there is a background story about two raids of Federal Police against journalists, one of them against Australian ABC headquarters. These raids happened shortly after Assange was handed over to the UK, signalling a new regime for treatment of journalists.

    1. Nope, different case.

      They’re sure very cautious in this program, turning around every word 10 times before saying it. But I wouldn’t say it’s a bad program.

  2. I am inclined to believe the Australian troops did this. However, they are not the ones whose fault really worries me.

    The decision to “let loose the dogs of war” (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene 1, line 273) is in reality a decision to start something we KNOW will include horrors. War is horrors. We have rules. They are often cosmetic, and far from fully effective even at best. They are rarely at that best, limited as it is. We’ve known that since long before Shakespeare felt safe saying that to his audience in the words of a Roman character.

    “Just war theory” has known antecedents in ancient Egypt and Confucian teachings. It was a major theme of St Augustine around A.D. 400, citing the Bible’s limits on when “God has given the sword to government.”

    After D-Day, the Good War of the righteous US, British, and Canadian forces are now known to have been executing prisoners on a shockingly wide scale. That was criminal. It was also foreseeable. It was also not prosecuted by “victors justice,” which was also foreseeable and relied upon at the time and later.

    The US did the same thing in the Pacific War against Japan, in which there were almost no prisoners taken. True, they did not want to be taken, but they also were not given much choice in the matter. Nobody then or later expected any different.

    That is war. That is what it means to make the decision to use war as the policy. You kill, lots of people rather indiscriminately at best, murderously at worst, and destroy almost everything you can reach.

    So this story makes me look not at the troops, but at the governments that decided on war of choice, and sent them to do that, knowing full well what was going to happen this time like every other time.

      1. The limitations of democracy have been avoided for far too long.

        It is not a new subject. John Locke explored it in Leviathan (1651 — 368 years ago amid the English Civil War about Parliament’s democracy), and Pope Leo XIII condemned it over a published May 15, 1891, and so 128 years ago by the current structure of the Church.

        We just see it avoided, and see those who mention it treated as marginal because they mention it.

        Yet the same people are perfectly happy to say the Egyptian election was not democracy, and so justified a military coup that put back dictatorship convenient to those outside interests. It isn’t just there. Honduras had the same under Hillary. It is over and over again.

        1. “The limitations of democracy have been avoided for far too long.”

          Are you sure you don’t mean exploited ??

          We actually have the technology to make a democracy practical today. That was never the case before.

          We really need to be looking at the limitations of capitalism due to it’s inherent flaws that are exploited by our psychopracy.

          1. Good point. I think it is both. They are able to exploit it, because our opinion leaders and scholars so generally ignore both the problems and they ways they are exploited.

          1. You’re right. I did get the date and events of the time correct. Oddly, I’d even looked it up, but still saw the name I expected to see.

        2. Please note that I used the term, “representative democracy.” Representative democracy is part of a capitalist system used to increase wealth concentration via pollution permits and privatization.

          Democracy itself is another subject; It is more involved with information-age physics and focus of distributed intelligence.

  3. Centuries Old Gangsters, Criminals, Murderers Kicked out of Europe, now, The So-Called Civilized World’s Citizens are committing Heinous War Crimes with The Blessings of War Criminal Leaders. What A So-Called Civilized Legalized Justice System.

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