Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, and Threats to Democracy: One Hour Interview on MSNBC

13 thoughts on “Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, and Threats to Democracy: One Hour Interview on MSNBC”

  1. If Trump truly just wants people to love him, why doesn’t he pardon Snowden and Assange? It makes no sense. The deep state repeatedly attacks Trump, yet he doesn’t attempt to rein it in.

    A social credit system sounds horrible.

  2. Biden and Kerry. “Moderate” Biden persecuted Snowden. It’s yet again “moderate” to act against American interests. Any who care for Americans are right-wing/left-wing “extremists…”

  3. He’s suggesting the Russians interfered in the 2016 election. How absurd.

    He’s a hero, but he’s no Assange.

    1. If the Russians didn’t interfere in the 2016 election, it would probably be the first US election they hadn’t interfered in in AT LEAST 100 years.

      The 2016 interference doesn’t seem to have been on anything like the scale of the Stalin years, but maybe a little more active than in the 1990s/early 2000s when the Russians were still getting their sh*t together after the Communist Party came down.

      1. I doubt that, because no one’s been able to find evidence of Russian meddling. They’ve looked really hard. Russia might have been the only foreign polity that didn’t interfere in 2016. China, Mexico, Israel, Saudi A, Ukraine, and whomever else were all involved.

        1. “no one’s been able to find evidence of Russian meddling.”

          Wrong. Not evidence of anything like the large-scale, effectual meddling the Russiagaters asserted, but some ineffectual Facebook stuff.

          The facts actually make the Russiagate nonsense look worse than obviously false denials do.

          1. The problem with that assertion is that 1) the evidence indicates that the “meddling” was in fact a commercial money-making endeavor, and 2) there is zero evidence that it had anything to do with the Russian government.

            The fact is the Russian government may have in the past “interfered” – which in itself is a meaningless term absent specific accusations of specific actions – in elections in other countries – smaller countries, but the probability that Russia today would even *try* to interfere in US elections where literally billions of dollars are spent is vanishingly small.

            I always mention the Russian TV show I watched – with English subtitles – where the panel discussed whether the *US* could “interfere” in the recent Russian elections. The panelists quite logically concluded that there was no way the US could influence the election more than what the Russian themselves did.

            The same applies to the reverse situation, but even more so. So the Russians are not stupid enough to believe they *could* so influence the US elections.

            When the US interferes in the politics of other countries, they do so by spending literally hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars that country, setting up NGOs inside that country, and using its intelligence assets.

            There is *zero* evidence that Russia did anything like that in the 2016 election. *Zero.*

  4. I don’t think he made any specific suggestion that the Russians hacked the DNC. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s aware the evidence for that is next to zero – unless some contact that he still has in the NSA has provided him with evidence or at least an assertion otherwise.

    What he said was more along the lines that historically the Russians interfered in elections, and the US interfered in *more* elections, but the real issue is how to prevent such interference by anyone.

    What he failed to point out was that it’s impossible to do that. You can make it harder but you can’t make it impossible. That applies to everything else he said about security.

    As the meme that I invented says: “You can haz better security, you can haz worse security. But you cannot haz ‘security’. There is no security. Deal.”

    1. An easy solution: Return to paper ballots. Or just fully isolate the electronic machines so they must be carried to where they are counted.

      I suspect voter fraud is more significant than foreign interference.

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