The Slaughter of the Yanks in 1918

The biggest battle in US Army history was the 1918 Meuse-Argonne offensive. This World War I battle is rarely mentioned in our media and school history books. Once a million American draftees were assembled for combat in France, they were ordered to charge into the strongest German positions, resulting in 26,277 American soldiers slaughtered in just 47 days.

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  1. To wish the deepest, hottest section of hell on the architects and commanders of such barbaric savagery flies in the face of my Christian principles. Stifling that wish is often beyond my power of self-persuasion, or the power of any persuasion, for that matter.

    This past Sunday (11-10-2019), I watched “Saving Private Ryan” again. My timing had nothing to do with the date of the following day. I merely wished to burn off a long (and good) movie from my DVR by watching it for the first time since its 1999 release.

    I was not ready for the impotent rage that erupted from within me following the final scene at the Normandy cemetery. At this writing, I am still not over it. The video above revived it from a waning smolder back to a roaring and malignant emotional conflagration.

    Until ordinary human beings reach and embrace a critical mass of empathy, such history will repeat itself until The Lord comes back to judge all. That will be the public hearing to end all public hearings. Literally.

    1. I often consider this “critical mass of empathy”. This stage of human evolution seems to be the competition of “empathy” vs “sociopathy”. Certainly none can claim all one or the other, yet, the species will rise or fall according to the sum of our collective actions. In a way, the end of Private Ryan has this question in mind with..”Am I a good man? “

  2. As.a youth I had the privelege of listening to first hand accounts from Veterans of Spanish and WWI, some of whom were my relatives, Gramps and his Brother and those they had served with, also Gramps and uncles of youths I knew.
    My Gramps lost a lung at age 14 to German gasnattack and his Brother al.ost got shot for disobeying an order to murder hundreds of Phillipino Nationalist prisoners at a bridge there but luckily they just sent him home.
    Gramps and those men are gone now but most were alive long enough their sons joined them after the hours when bars and even VFW, Moose, Eagles or Legion halls had closed, and not abfemale in sight, andand again I was priveledged to listen to real men from real wars.
    In those days the men of whole towns, counties and states voluntarily joined or were drafted all together, all to go and fight, die and kill to survive together.
    Later the Survivors returned home together, Our town had 23 survivors including wounded out of over 80 men who left, the County had less than 300 out of over 1100 vets total including ours.
    Many of the dead had relatives that were spread throughout our and surrounding counties, so death wasbwell known but not spoken of in public except in glorious terms of usually one public official a hole or another stay at home frat boys.
    The Battle spoken of here was one of which those vets fought, but was not realy a single battle but a series of gruelling nightmarebattack, retreat, live in trenches whose bottoms were mixture of blood , shit, piss and mud, repel attacks, and then following orders once more to attack.
    Gramps group and others got cut so badly they were thrown together in order to attack or hold the lines. Gramps and a friend fought for three days after having lungs burned before and only after those near death left firsts.
    In those days a young man, Gramps said I was, did not speak to an elder first, and what was said by men remained among those men, and not to be spoken of elsewhere.
    Gramps and male family and friends orders, but sorry to disobey Gramps and all, but once I too went and survived war, VIetnam and had three sons of own, all except the deepest and darkest trust of them I violated, and damn it all I will be anti-war and anti anyone that glorifies war, till my last breath.
    Those men up until end of WWII were citizen soldiers, citizens first, unlike todays military forces who are proud to be called Warriors and expected of all americans to worship the uniforms they wear.
    Mercenary troops who have not slightest inkling of Ideals spoken of by (not of political and wealthy founders, BS) but by ordinary citizens of those earlier pre 1945 times.
    Gramps fought in one other US battle, the one where he and other WEI vets were begging for the Vet bonuses they never recieved, that battle ended when US military drove them out of demonstratos in parks by bayonet point.
    I leave it up to you to look up the officer in Command who became a much ballyhooed WarnHero of WWII and Korea.
    A man who ran away abandoning american citizen soldiers rather than risk own ass fighting with them.
    The US has the largest % and or numbers of military vet retirees and seperated vets in world, and it cost over 200 Billions a year to baby coddle and bottle feed them, until they die.
    And out of those millions over 90% never were never close enough to of heard a shot a round fired at or near them.

    1. —–
      I leave it up to you to look up the officer in Command who became a much ballyhooed WarnHero of WWII and Korea.

      A man who ran away abandoning american citizen soldiers rather than risk own ass fighting with them.

      That last sentence besmirches the character of the previous ones. MacArthur messaged FDR that he would remain on Corregidor and “share the fate of the garrison.” He ignored an order from Marshall to even get his family out. He then received a direct order from the president to leave Corregidor and proceed to Australia — and put off obeying that order for three weeks.

      1. Mc Cathurs life from time he joined until.he was removed needs reading from multiple sources in order not only understand the man but US politics, and military usage before 1956 and how he was major factor in putting into place what was an elitist groups Military Industrial Complex.
        Read of his policy that put in place the seperation of Okinawa Island chain from Japan under US control that last until today with only recent less strict rulerships by US.
        Ask why the history books and Korean Vets lack the stature of all other US vets, and it has little to do with no win BS.
        Look up real history of McCarthur in regards as to what form of Government was installed by US military before WWII and lasted until Marcos years.
        Of how he helped set in Place such a brutal dictator in S. Korea that come invasion by N. vast majority of South Koreans welcomed them, and the S. Korean Brutal Dictator he installed as US was winning that ruled up to 1955-1960..
        Point of MC Arthur’s attack upon American WWI vets was anout how US military were being used against Americans before outbreak of WWII.
        Good Reference of recorded atrocitys in Korea sanctioned by His Command is History of soldiery of Custers old Command, 7th Cav as to Conduct of US military, and his ordering of use of biological and chemical weaponry in Korea.
        This “Hero” wore two sets of Britches the public has seen only one of them.
        Read history not just of US but also of US alles.catch a glimpse of his genocidal policies unleashed upon Koreans.
        War and how its heros arise is complicated, comes from political control of peoples and rewritten history.

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