Concerned Veterans for America Launch Campaign To Bring Our Troops Home

Concerned Veterans for America is running an $1.5 million dollar ad campaign on TV in key states and digitally nationwide calling for a complete withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan.

Sign the letter of support that will be forwarded to the White House and your congressional representative here.

Dear Officials:

I’m writing today to ask that you support withdrawing troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are put in dangerous positions they don’t need to be in.

Our service members accomplished their original objectives in Afghanistan long ago. Maintaining a large presence on the ground does not meet any legitimate national interest.

Continuing to deploy troops to Afghanistan puts them in unnecessary danger.

Please do all that you can to protect our troops and withdraw forces from Afghanistan.

Reposted from The Libertarian Institute.

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