Classic Ron Paul: The Real Reason Clinton Should Have Been Impeached

With the Senate impeachment trial dominating headlines this week, it seems appropriate to look back on what Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul said about the 1998 impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton.

At a press conference the week of the impeachment vote, Dr. Paul explained that his vote to impeach Clinton was because of Clinton waging military actions in the Mid-East. Through 1998, Clinton launched a series of attacks in the Mid-East that (coincidentally I am sure) just happened to coincide with major developments in the impeachment saga. Yet most Republicans refused to speak out against this abuse of presidential power.

You can see Dr. Paul’s remarks here. Note that Dr. Paul warned that Clinton’s unconstitutional war-making could lead to terrorist attacks against the United States, so he was talking about blowback years before 9-11.

4 thoughts on “Classic Ron Paul: The Real Reason Clinton Should Have Been Impeached”

    1. Have you seen any recent financial predictions from Dr. Paul? I was searching for that and wound up here.

  1. Lol “if Congress were given an opportunity to vote on if we should bomb Iraq…” WTF is wrong with all these Washington reporters… why aren’t they asking the POTUS why he is bombing without a congressional vote or the leaders of the Senate and House why they aren’t Impeaching him for doing so without. What was the point of paying for 12 years of public education to make good citizens if 99% of them don’t even understand the law of the land?

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