Help Chelsea Manning Pay Her Court Fines

The heroic Chelsea Manning was released from jail yesterday after spending almost a year behind bars for refusing to testify against WikiLeaks in front of a grand jury. For every day she refused to testify, the judge ordered Manning to pay $1,000 in fines, which added up to $256,000.

Help ease Manning’s suffering and contribute to this Go Fund Me to help pay her fines. As of the writing of this post, the page has already raised over $75,000!

5 thoughts on “Help Chelsea Manning Pay Her Court Fines”

  1. Apparently this was successful so quickly I couldn’t contribute, and contributed to her living expenses instead. Sometimes the good guys (and gals) win.

    1. This is incredible. My rough estimate is that the Go Fund Me page for Chelsea’s living expenses, with a goal of $30,000, is raising nearly $100.00 per minute. The goal should be reached before the sun rises tomorrow. There really are good people left in the world.

        1. Yes, the original Go Fund Me to cover her court imposed fines reached that yesterday. That was why I could not contribute to that one, as it had completed before I saw the post. What I was referring to was the Go Fund Me for her living expenses, which, right now, has reached $35,492 of the $30,000 goal, or, in other words, has also reached its goal. I guess they are letting that one continue, and, if so, more power to her, as she deserves every penny of it.

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