Brave New World: Coronavirus Authoritarians Building Massive Surveillance State

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” Big tech is getting into bed with big government to build a massive surveillance superstructure that will monitor all of our movements – in the name of fighting coronavirus, of course. As Edward Snowden recently warned, these mechanisms of surveillance and oppression are not going to be dismantled once the virus is gone. They will remain. Watch today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Brave New World: Coronavirus Authoritarians Building Massive Surveillance State”

  1. COVID-19 is going down with even less opposition than the new reality of 9/11 did.

    The Deep State is getting too good at social coups.

    We’ll see what happens when the white collar workers start having to hit emptying food banks and can’t pay for that year’s worth of Disney streaming.

  2. It did not end with a bang
    it did not end with a whimper
    but with deposit bottle of rna

    1984 on steroids
    for everyone of us
    a brave new word
    with cowards hogging the mike

    toto is now casandra
    cut up by the state
    the conspiracy
    was right all along

    too bad
    its too late
    culling the herd
    was the chosen tool

    When you scientists
    cry out in terror
    its time to panic
    but wars roll on

    staus quo
    could care less
    for you or i
    they have a plan

  3. As in industry that builds and sells products the means of production within it needs constant monitoring, and while machines can be finely tuned, it is the human element that contains the most variables, and therefore it is the human portion of the process who need the most monitoring.
    Now just as humans can be trained to note variables in machinery as it ages and wears, but they are not as effective as are computers in measuring,and by monitoring collect data so as to know when to remove and replace the worn elements before they reach an economic loss, so too must computers be used to spot human disruptions to the system.
    Government wants stable systems, those who manage the system although themselves are human, they are more a part of the system than that of humanity.
    Humans by and large are much akin to a resource that is mined, some ore is more concentrated than other ores with the better needing less refining and as how the lesser ore needs more refining it contains waste products detrimental to efficiency causing slowdowns and bottle necks to production.
    Much as slag of molten metals to be discarded as useless, dross to be tossed aside, so too are vast majority of human resources.
    It is not callousness of those who are part of the system, it is just, what they were trained and are paid to do, it is just efficiency of the process that matters.
    A common pebble in the stream gets pushed and wore down without noticing its demise, but if of gold and or precious stone it will be plucked from the stream and therefore survive, as a human one can choose to be a worthless pebble or form itself into something to be of worth to the systems miners.
    If you remain in the mainstream, don’t think , and just allow the currents to determine your path, whose fault is it.

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