The 2003 Conquest of the Republic of Georgia (video)

The Republic of Georgia is a small undeveloped Asian nation that was once part of the Soviet Union. It plays no role in the American economy or security yet was conquered by the American empire in 2003 when the CIA covertly organized a coup to establish a puppet government. Billions of dollars in American military aid, hundreds of military trainers, and thousands of American troops arrived. Russia protested this invasion, but objections were used to proclaim a return of the Cold war and the need for large increases in military spending.

2 thoughts on “The 2003 Conquest of the Republic of Georgia (video)”

  1. Nice piece. But I doubt that it will have much effect on what appears to me, brain washed Americans who think Gergia is a victim of an unjustified Russian invasion & occupation. Any one who was paying attention in the U.S. at the time would tell roughly the same story you tell. It all went down during the summer Olympics which played some roll as a distraction as the Georgians marched in, killing some U.N. peace-keepers as the Georgians pushed on deeper into Russia. It didn’t take very long though B4 Russian air power turned the invasion into a deadly nightmare for the naive Georgians who had somehow gotten the idea that U.S. rescue was on its way. Bush went on TV and said U.S. aid was comming on battleships. But it never happened. The rules or permissions needed for vessels entering the black sea were a problem for using warships for “aid”

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