Video: Buffalo Police Push 75-year-Old Man to the Ground During Protest, Leave Him Bleeding From His Head

The police shove this elderly man to the ground for asking them a question, then has his head bleeds and he lies motionless, they walk off to hassle other protesters. He is currently in stable but serious condition at Erie County Medical Center.

12 thoughts on “Video: Buffalo Police Push 75-year-Old Man to the Ground During Protest, Leave Him Bleeding From His Head”

  1. Damn old fool, was he senile, or lost and forgot this is the USA?
    What began present uprising was not a singular viewing of a cop murdering a black man, but a cop murdering a man and the public that are not deaf dumb or deliberately ignorant knowing full well it is not uncommon for police to use brutal tactics and that left up to a thouroughly. corrupt local government and lower courts complicity that no action would be taken against the cops involvedOf course in a nation where in How many “IN GOD WE TRUST is measure of Justice cop misconduct is paid not by them but public tax money.
    Cost yearly. To public of those 4 cops salary plus benefits is right at $500.000 yearly and we will never know, as in case of murdering cop, how much his 18 past offences cost taxpayers or how many unknowns faced his abuse.
    Also fact that their records are property of departments, are not held by any elective office. and .those records mostly take a court order in order to be publicly reviewed.
    Police Unions legal Department Lawyers are very powerfull with many of those lawyers working bot in local courts or very hy brow legal firms that also handle municipal finances.
    Cops as friends? police legally shoot and kill between 50 and 75 pets daily and even though Justice Department found that 5 percent of child under 10 years of age was in direct line of fire Supreme Court ruld no public reprimand nor recompense available and it is left up to individual officer discretion.
    Police shoot and kill more unarmed Americans than our american military are killed in overseas combat yearly.

  2. His name is Martin Gugimo and he’s a lifelong peace activist. Thankfully, he’s in stable condition and likely to recover. He’s one of our own. I feel very strongly that anarcho- bulldaggers like myself need to defend our more dovish allies with our own bodies if necessary. These pigs target pacifists because bullies are always cowards. They shouldn’t be aloud to get away with this. Anarchists should be bodyguards, not looters.

      1. Do you know that for a fact? It would be important to know if true.

        I somehow doubt you know the answer. Hospitals are no fools, and they recognize injury when they see one.

    1. LOL! Fake news? He’s in the hospital. Where did you get your information from? snopes or

  3. It’s not staged but it’s also not true that they simply walked off and left him. The cops that shoved him off balance, making him fall, stopped briefly to check on him and then called for a medic, the medic who looked after him was seconds away and walking right behind them. A number of the cops from this group who were trained medically were right there to help this guy out and that’s exactly what they did, they helped him get medical care. No they shouldn’t have shoved him but I also don’t see any intent to actually harm the guy and sure they should have known that shoving him could cause damage, so they should be held responsible, but this is not even close to being one of the worst cases of abuse that I’ve personally seen at protests.

    What this video doesn’t show, that it should, is how quickly the got him help. The people that helped him were cops and they were right there helping you just can’t see them in this video, other video’s show him getting help right away. The cops that pushed him were holding back protesters while this man was given first aid immediately.

    There really isn’t any need to shade the truth when it comes to police abuse, there are plenty of well documentation cases where you don’t have to play camera tricks to make it look worse than it actually is. Using this man as Poster Board for police abuse won’t work because the people we need to convince will just watch the whole video and think we are full of shit, meanwhile we are just preaching to the choir. The people on the fence about police abuse will also watch the whole video and then wonder why we always have to hide part of the truth. That’s not going to convince them of anything other than the fact that we are willing to lie and hide facts to push out agenda. That’s simply not helpful.

    Show the whole video or don’t show it at all, that’s my advice. Don’t try and pretend he wasn’t given help when he was because the Truth will come out and make us look bad. The Truth is that they shoved him and he got hurt, they didn’t beat the shit out of him and leave him to die. They shoved him and then got him help, that’s the truth and if the Truth in regards to this case isn’t a good enough story, then go use one of the thousands of cases where it is and where you won’t get caught shading the truth.

  4. Is it true that KKK is ruling American Police under the Command of Highest Degree KKK American President Trump?

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