The American Empire Invades Africa (video)

After World War II, African nations were officially freed from European colonial rule. This is mostly an illusion as American and European powers maintain control indirectly via the banking system, bribes, trade sanctions, coups, assassinations, and military interventions. During the Cold War, this domination of Africa was challenged as the Soviet Union funded revolutionaries. With the end of the Cold War, American resources freed from European commitments were redirected toward domination of the African continent and conquered Somalia, Libya, and Sudan.

5 thoughts on “The American Empire Invades Africa (video)”

  1. Great video, but underplays the extent to which France and Euro imperialism relies on U.S. heavy lifting in Africa.

    A passing mention of banking does not do justice to U.S. enforcement of the CFA Franc(s) which underwrote French, and now underwrites the Euro, with African resource wealth.

    1. Agreed, since the French, British, German, and Belgian imperialists continue to ally with the US Empire.

      1. Heck, they ARE the American Empire.

        The U.S. Empire more or less is Western European imperialism.

        American Globalists could care less about America and Americans save that the blood and treasure keep flowing.

  2. Just what is the American Empire, is it just a singular centraly controlled nation state that rules world such as ancient Rome, Persia, Ottoman, Egypt who ruled over vassel states with an iron fist that demanded tribute to its center, or is it not more of a vast collective of nations under the same economic system?
    Whereas Empires of past relied solely upon their own own peoples economy and resources to support its military power to subjugate other nations and then draining conquered territories for central support and further expansions by military force, is that the case of US today?
    Could the use of US military be supported by its own nations and peoples resources without external fnancing, or for that matter its own domestic.infrastructure of its poltical and Industrial /financial leasership?
    Sovereign US financial gains by warfare. Go to a very finite number of individuals within US with the largest rewards going to as large if not larger number of individuals and nations outside of its borders who supply by loans to support what we call US empire.
    US invested trillion dollars to secure oil and gas pipelines thatvdo not carry those resources to US but to Europe and being as how all oil and gas is a multinational owned resource today little. Of those profits are returned to US sovereign wealth.
    US Treasury, that sells interest bearing bonds to overwhemingly foreign entities claims actual ownership of Syrian Kudish oil fields but the proceeds are being used to pay for US control over about 1/3 of old Syrian lands.
    Oil the US domestic consumer does not need and will never be imported to US.
    So to whom or what are real benefits of US militarism going to?

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