Biden Getting Old ‘Militaristic’ Obama Foreign Policy Team Back Together

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Rising at Hill TV discuss foreign policy plans under a Joe Biden administration.

On Rising at The Hill.

4 thoughts on “Biden Getting Old ‘Militaristic’ Obama Foreign Policy Team Back Together”

  1. Message for Krystal: The Paris Climate agreement was a horrible arrangement. China was permitted to do basically whatever it wished – and dominate the Energy Industry, while The United States bore terrible costs and our Economy would suffer becoming more dependent on Foreign Energy. The deal cost a fortune, with no benefit to our Country. It was a typical “Globalist” agreement where the American worker, American Industries, and our Economic security all lose — and China wins. Meanwhile, the environment remains about the same. That deal should have been scrapped.

    It has been 14 years since Al Gore made his Film that made all those claims of doom and catastrophe. The people and the “Models” that claim the World is ending have been wrong, and will continue to be wrong. There is no “Emergency” that requires Global Government profiteers (“New World Order”) to run over our Country and absorb it into their Orwellian World Control system.

    President Trump is correct. We need less Global Authority, and less Global Control, and more self-preservation of the American Middle Class and American Industry — including Energy. That will also allow us to get out the Middle East, and prevent future Wars.

    They’ve been saying Polar Bears were going to die for 25 years now. It never happened. There is no emergency here that requires us to ever submit to the Globalists Global Cartel, and World Government economic (and social) enslavement.

    That is not what our founding fathers fought for. Neither should we.

  2. Doesnt matter, Trump or Biden, both are racist dung and supports the system to disenfranchise and continue the suffering of poc. Biden is just more polite. Your white masters beckon you to choose one master

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