DNC Delegates: Biden Team ‘A Horror Show’ of ‘Disastrous’ Foreign Interventionism

The letter attacks former national security advisor Susan Rice for her 'poor judgment' as well as several other prominent Biden advisors

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From The American Conservative:

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is rumored to be near the top of Joe Biden’s short list for vice presidential candidates. A new letter attacking Rice’s “poor judgment” is being widely circulated among delegates to the Democratic National Convention, calling Biden’s inner circle of foreign policy advisors a “horror show” with track records supporting “disastrous” U.S. military interventions. The letter hasalready received more than 275 signatures from delegates, almost all of whom had been pledged to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

The letter highlights Biden’s long-time chief aide on foreign affairs Antony Blinken as well as several other prominent former members of the Obama Administration who would likely hold cabinet-level appointments in a Biden administration, HuffPost reports. Blinken co-founded a company called WestExec Advisors, that aided a Pentagon effort to enhance drone warfare.

The presumptive Democratic nominee is relying on former Obama aides and Libya war cheerleaders Samantha Power and Jake Sullivan, as well as a bevy of other military-industrial complex beneficiaries, including former Defense Department official Michèle Flournoy, who worked several years for the Boston Consulting Group, while the firm accrued multi-million dollar contracts with the military, and Avril Haines, a former CIA deputy director reviled on the left for her role in making redactions to a report on President George W. Bush’s use of torture and her assistance in President Barack Obama’s extra judicial drone strikes.

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9 thoughts on “DNC Delegates: Biden Team ‘A Horror Show’ of ‘Disastrous’ Foreign Interventionism”

  1. And there, in a nutshell, is the difference in the parties. Any such faction providing pressure in the gop ?

    1. But will they provide pressure? Or will they, in the end, serve as an alibi for leftist voters (“Well, I had to vote for Biden and Rice, but of course my genuine support was for the faction against Rice”)? We will see.

  2. Biden forn. policy expertise passed with the Bush II admin.

    Steve Coll wrote in his “Directorate S” that after Obama was elected he sent Biden & Kerry off to sooth Karzai’s worries over American troops in Afghanistan. When Karzai ridiculed troops’ adventurism & demanded they be placed under the aegis of Afghan Security Forces, according to Coll, Biden rattled the fine dinner china slamming his hand on the table & stormed out. Kerry had to placate Biden!

    After that, Obama always wary of sending V.P. Biden into the forn. policy fray.

    Of course, Biden former expertise not to be confused with Trump sole “field” of expertise: The one he planted bulldozers in to seduce investors.

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