War Hawks Endorse Biden at DNC Convention!

4 thoughts on “War Hawks Endorse Biden at DNC Convention!”

  1. Hillary Clinton assigned Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew to Arab Spring, Libyan and Syrian uprisings
    Hillary Clinton Gave State Dept. Job to Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew: Report
    “Secretary Clinton gave Alex a job in one of the most sensitive areas of Obama’s executive apparatus.”
    “The fact Alex Djerassi, fresh out of college, was put in charge of the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, covering the Middle East, was an interesting move,” the insider added.
    “He worked directly on the Arab Spring,” the source added, “and Hillary sent Alex as the U.S. representative to the expatriate rebel groups Friends of Libya and Friends of the Syrian People.”

  2. Biden will not only continue the FOREVER WARS, he will expand them. Colin Powell would be a much better person if he admitted George Warmonger Bush’s foreign policy was a disaster and denounced Ehud Barack Obama for expanding Bush’s wars instead of endorsing him and Biden.

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