Kevin Zeese, RIP

Howie Hawkins reports that Kevin Zeese had a heart attack and died suddenly last night following a dinner at home with his partner Margaret Flowers.)

From Medea Benjamin:

Heartbreaking! Our dear Kevin Zeese passed away suddenly.

Kevin was a brilliant writer, organizer, strategist and visionary. Wherever there was injustice, Kevin was there, with his partner Margaret Flowers and Popular Resistance.

We miss you, brother.

Editor’s Note: carried many of Kevin’s articles over the years, view his archives. Scott Horton interviewed Kevin many times, listen here.

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  1. Jesus Christ, first David Graeber, now this? That means there are like five truly woke leftists left and I’m one of them. Beginning to feel like a Mohican up in this bitch. Godspeed comrade. We’ll try and keep the fire burning.

  2. What terrible news. Kevin Zuesse was one of our most effective progressive activists and journalists. Many of us came to rely on Kevin’s reporting and commentaries, along with his wife Margaret Flowers on their website Popular Resistance.

    Kevin will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to Margaret and their family.

    Christina Jonsson

      1. How nice that you knew Kevin personally. I could tell he was all those things from his work.

  3. Benjamin—a typical amerikan money worshipper….”only amerikans use a business term to refer to their lovers”. George Lakoff
    a junior or silent partner?
    in amerika love is business

    1. Sounds like a person who understands how things work in Russia then foolishly applies his narrow understanding to America, which has a tradition of liberty that is beyond the comprehension of serfs. For the record, applying this to Kevin Zeese marks you as a stupid troll who hasn’t done his homework.

  4. In his eulogy to Dr. Norman Bethune, who provided medical care and medical training to the Eighth Route Army, Mao said that the death of some is light as a feather and that of others is felt like the weight of a mountain.
    Like the death of Norman Bethune, the death of Kevin Zeese is felt like the weight of a mountain.

    Kevin Zeese was one of the most principled, most dedicated, hardest working, smartest and most courageous leaders and workers in the antiwar, anti-Empire movement that I have ever encountered.

    He was also among the most open-minded, willing to work with people of many political leanings different from his own – if they shared his commitment to peace. Without him and George O’Neill, the ComeHomeAmerica effort would have never been born – and I believe its example will yet be the key to a peaceful, multipolar world.

    His courageous stand in occupying and protecting the Venezuelan Embassy to the very end, along with his partner Margaret Flowers and two others, is a model for us all. It was also effective, awakening many across the world to the vicious, murderous interventionism of the US Empire in Venezuela. And he and his fellow occupiers also succeeded in beating back the attempt of the US govt to put them in prison.

    The web site, Popular Resistance, which he and Margaret Flowers created, fusing engagement in the information wars with anti-Empire activism, should be a model for many future efforts.

    I know that Kevin felt he had found great love when he gained Margaret as a partner. This has been matched by the joy they both found in their work.
    Would that we all could live a life as satisfying and significant as Kevin’s.

    I cannot help but shed some tears as I write this. He is missed already.
    Keep up the great work, Margaret.

    John V. Walsh

  5. Kevin was good-humored, witty, creative, and persistent, always angry and concerned at systemic injustice. His death leaves an aching sadness for Margaret’s loss, and our loss. He and Margaret were widely loved and respected.

  6. Kevin is the best activist field commander I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never had more fun working with someone or arguing with them. Kevin was not into the romance of lost causes; he fought to change evil things, that most people could not imagine ever changing. He was more than half correct, which leaves much for us to do. RIP my friend.

  7. It’s shocking and sad to lose such an important voice for peace. The US Peace Memorial Foundation honors Kevin and his important antiwar work in the US Peace Registry His name will forever be associated with Peace. What a significant loss to the world. We will never forget him.

  8. It was a shock to hear the loss of Kevin Zeese yesterday during a rally for residents of the Philadelphia encampments, so much so that when it was announced I reacted with an instinctual cry of; “NO!”. As I observed others in the crowd that appeared to know him, a solemn sadness overtook their expressions. As my shock subsided I immediately felt for his life partner Margaret Flowers. I am so sorry for your loss, Margaret.

    I know of Margaret and Kevin from their excellent work at, the terrific weekly podcast Clearing The FOG, The Popular Resistance School and a few face-to-face interactions during rallies in D.C. and NYC. It is with these experiences I write the following…

    Kevin expressed the need for progressive movements to come together and create; “A Movement of Movements,” as this will wield the collective powers necessary to make systematic change. His ability to succinctly communicate complex injustices and tie each to the broader perspective was effective for me to see through the many distractions that plague our media today, and see through the Forces Of Greed. These gifts were offered freely by both Kevin and Margaret, and my spirit will be eternally grateful.

    I was looking forward to learn more from Kevin and to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the numerous struggles he and Margaret have exposed. Of course the knowledge he generously passed along will always be with me as I continue to push for systemic change.

    Margaret, my solemn condolences to you.

    Frank Fortino

    1. Given ChristoNazi control of the imperial government — and the fact that in today’s morally imbecilic world, ALL governments employ death squads to eliminate their critics — we the people should demand an autopsy in the case of ANY (truly) Leftist activist’s unexpected death.

      Though in this case — because Mr. Zeese’s wife Dr. Flowers is an MD — we should surely trust her judgment as to whether an autopsy is medically warranted.

      That said, while Mr. Zeese and I were not always in agreement, I deeply respect his humanitarian commitments and the passion with which he pursued them.

      Especially noteworthy is his courageous effort c. 2012-2013 to expose the blitzkrieg by sadistic cops and secret-police agents our Masters unleashed against us in response to Occupy — reporting that in a just world would have been honored with the highest awards for bravery in investigative journalism.

      But Mr. Zeese’s efforts were instead ignored and thereby suppressed by our Masters’ Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM) — the world’s first privately owned, for-profit version of Josef Goebbels’ infamous Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

      Which should in turn should be recognized for its paradoxical combination of bad and good news. The bad news is our Masters are daily proving themselves every bit as bottomlessly Evil as the German Nazis they so fawningly worship; the good news — what I hope will be the immortal good news — is how the reportorial courage of Mr. Zeese and Dr. Flowers proved daily that truth, even in today’s mortally wounded world, yet remains an effective weapon in our fight for Working Class empowerment.

      While I did not know Mr. Zeese personally, I know without question he will most assuredly be remembered for his vital service to the cause of human survival.

      Indeed — not the least because of the physical strain the never-ending challenges of effective activism impose on human flesh — I believe Mr. Zeese should be honored as yet another comrade who, with that relentlessly defiant courage born of love, gave his life to our species’ liberation but now has fallen in the struggle.

      I salute him accordingly, with recognition of the deficit created by his absence and sorrow at the inexpressible magnitude of Dr. Flowers’ loss.

  9. Heartbroken. I’ve been offline for a few days and just learned of this. Kevin was so special, a true “force of nature.” I’ve worked with many top notch organizers for over fifty years and none stands out more than Kevin. He had all the qualities one looks for in leadership. In addition to his own work and projects he was an advisor to Vets for Peace and often came to our demonstrations and, along, with his life partner Margaret, got arrested with us. The world is now a much smaller place. He will be missed by so many of us whose lives he touched. Goodby my friend.

  10. Yes, he will be very missed. So glad to have known him as a friend, colleague, partner in fighting for justice and building the Green Party …. he will always be in my heart. Thank you Kevin for having been part of the movement, your bravery, dedication and passion. Deep sympathies to Margaret and all his family and close friends who will feel the grief of losing him.

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