Glenn Greenwald: Mainstream Media Tries To Censor Hunter Biden Email Story

Glenn Greenwald on Tucker Carlson last night:

4 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald: Mainstream Media Tries To Censor Hunter Biden Email Story”

  1. Racism and Russia – the only two words the democrats know how to say. Just imagine if any of them could carry out an intelligent conversation about any topic without using either of those two words in an attempt to shut it down.

    1. Well the democrats are ahead in the polls with no policy other than those two words . It is a little late in the game to defeat racism and Russia .

  2. I believe Russia did not meddle in the election and will not do it this time either.I believe Netanyahu did. Trump is far closer to him than any previous president, Republican or Democrat. Trump supports settlements in the W Bank, Gaza & E Jerusalem and supports the capital being transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which previous presidents did not although they continued aid to Israel. Reagan condemned Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in the ’80’s but continued to give it aid. I remember a cartoon making fun of Reagan for not being able to stand up to Begin. It showed him saying ” Excuse me Mr. Begin, may I speak impatiently with you for a moment”?
    I read an article on a Conservative website. I don’t remember the name. It said the Russians did not interfere in the election, if they did, they wouldn’t rig the election in Trump’s favor, they’d rig the election in Clinton’s favor.

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