Antiwar US Army Veteran Warns of Hawks in Biden Transition Team

From Moderate Rebels:

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is full of war hawks and weapons industry shills. Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with US Army veteran Danny Sjursen ( columnist), who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan before becoming an anti-imperialist activist and journalist, about what a Biden-Harris administration foreign policy would look like.

Sjursen, who previously taught at the United States Military Academy, also discusses how warmongering members of the West Point Mafia dominate the US government and military-industrial complex.

4 thoughts on “Antiwar US Army Veteran Warns of Hawks in Biden Transition Team”

  1. Good discussion, ‘m surprised I got to post – I’ve been banned for 4 years now – must be my Nam Vet anti USG attitude.

    1. I’ll continue – at first when I first read Danny Sjursen, I called him out for being a potential psyops for the DOD, since then I had to change my mind. But then , I thought Veterans Today was a great website, until I confronted an article on the Birth of Obama in Africa and that article confirmed that Obama was Not born in the US. So once I called Obama what he really is – I got 86 d by Gordon Duff = he is a bonafide Obama/Clinton/Biden cheerleader. And looks like a Psyops website – afterall. Can’t tell the players, without a scorecard – and the scorecards – were sold out – long time ago. Spacibo Max and Ben.

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