Watch Dem Senator’s DUMBEST Defense Yet Of Forever War In Afghanistan

From The Hill TV:

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s stance on President Trump’s plan to withdraw more troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

7 thoughts on “Watch Dem Senator’s DUMBEST Defense Yet Of Forever War In Afghanistan”

  1. Tammy Duckworth was in the military, that should make her in favor of a troop withdrawal and not against it. She should have learned that war is Hell and wars should not be prolonged. If she came from a country that was a war zone, would she feel differently?

    1. Well, no.
      There is no draft since Vietnam.
      This only means that she volunteered for war.
      Since 1945, US military has never practiced defense but aggression and imperial conquest. “Service” my eye; they only serve the empire, they only serve the enemies of the people.
      Which means that she volunteered for becoming a war criminal.
      Not only that, as a senator of the war party, she is one of the top administrators of the criminal US empire. You wouldn’t expect someone like that to be a decent human being, would you?

      Sometimes one does see one of those who volunteered for becoming war criminals repent — but they are rare as hen’s teeth.

      1. Most of the people serving in the military approve of wars and war crimes, some of them do not. Tulsi Gabbard has been in the military and is against wars and knows war is Hell.
        Tammy Duckworth may have been against the Iraq War when W was president but has supported Obama’s wars and drone strikes. During the NATO Protests in Chicago, there were veterans protesting the summit there and destroying their medals. During the Vietnam War, George W Bush and Dan Quayle avoided the war by joining the National Guard. Ronald Reagan made war movies during World War II and never served in the military.There is no more draft. Bill and Hillary Clinton are warmongers because they regret the fact Bill dodged the draft and protested the Vietnam War

        1. “Ronald Reagan made war movies during World War II and never served in the military.”


          Reagan enlisted in the US Army Enlisted Reserve, and was then commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in 1937. He was ordered to active duty in April of 1942 and served as a liaison officer for the Port and Transportation Office at Fort Mason’s San Francisco Port of Embarkation before being transferred to the Army Air Force’s First Motion Picture Unit, in which he served through the end of the war.

        2. Sure, a negligible number of those who volunteer to become war criminals by definition do repent later. Always too late, though: enlisting is criminal enough.

          1. Tammy Duckworth is a lot like John McCain on wars. They both served in the military and Duckworth thinks one war is not enough, she wants more and more just like, McCain.
            I saw “The National Bird” on Netflix years ago. A man did not want to be in the military and was against wars and war crimes but he only joined so he wouldn’t be homeless anymore.

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