Biden’s Defense Pick Oversaw RISE OF ISIS, Syrian ‘Rebel’ Program

Saagar Enjeti of The Hill TV shares his thoughts on Joe Biden’s selection of Gen. Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense.

5 thoughts on “Biden’s Defense Pick Oversaw RISE OF ISIS, Syrian ‘Rebel’ Program”

  1. Oct 7, 2020 OPCW Syria whistleblower and ex-OPCW chief attacked by US, UK, French at UN

    At another UNSC gathering one week later, the U.S. and its allies continued their censorship campaign by voting to block the testimony of the OPCW’s former chief, José Bustani, who had come to speak out in support of the whistleblowers.

  2. “Biden’s identity politics lottery” – what a great line! As Biden promised – one he is keeping – nothing will fundamentally change. The difference between say Obama and Trump, is that Obama wore a black smiley face, while prosecuting the same horrific politics. And Pelosi? Think of her as Trump in heels and a wig.

  3. Lloyd Austin will be the Donald Rumsfeld of the Biden Administration.Biden will treat him as if he were the president as Bush did with Rumsfeld. Biden was Obama’s VP and Obama was elected to lead us out of wars but kept us in wars and started more wars and drone strikes.

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