Sarah Palin Apologizes, Calls for Julian Assange To Be Pardoned

Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has apologized to Julian Assange. She has now called on President Trump to pardon Assange.

Palin praised Assange for “what he has done in the name of real journalism, and that’s getting to the bottom of issues that the public really needs to hear about and benefit from.”

7 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Apologizes, Calls for Julian Assange To Be Pardoned”

  1. I am glad that she has the courage to change her position based on new evidence. I wish she would have spoken up years ago, but the world is not perfect and neither are people.

  2. I never liked Sarah Palin and never thought she would regret saying he should be prosecuted. I am glad she changed her mind. I know no one in the Biden Administration will pardon Assange, neither would anyone in the Trump Administration.

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