Maj. Danny Sjursen on Ethiopia, Mali, and the Chances Biden Starts a War

From the Conflicts of Interest Podcast:

On COI#58, Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.) joins Kyle Anzalone to break down Ethiopia, Mali, and Biden’s foreign policy team. Danny gives a brief history of Ethiopia and explains how the country’s conflicts with its neighbors. Danny explains how the Ethiopian Prime Minister won the peace prize, then use the prize to further his war efforts. He also breaks down Ethiopia’s internal politics and the recent civil war (plus the ongoing insurgency.)

Danny and Kyle discuss the civil war in Mali and the French intervention. Post-Libyan War France has been fighting jihadists groups throughout the Sahel region. In recent weeks, five French soldiers have died. France is now looking to exit West Africa. Danny and Kyle examine the neocons and humanitarian interventionists that are coming to power in the Biden administration and how they could expand America’s War on Terror.

4 thoughts on “Maj. Danny Sjursen on Ethiopia, Mali, and the Chances Biden Starts a War”

    1. Lloyd Austin will be “The Donald Rumsfeld Of The Democratic Party”. He won’t make the military an equal opportunity killer, he won’t start wars with Whites unless he starts them with Russians or Latin Americans.

  1. Its amazing how the deep-state DC elitists, who love their wars, but hate the deplorables, nonetheless expect the rubes to send their children to fight in those wars.

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