Jimmy Dore: Biden Wants To Overthrow Venezuela

Jimmy Dore explains that “nothing will fundamentally change” with Joe Biden’s foreign policy:

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Dore: Biden Wants To Overthrow Venezuela”

  1. Of course Biden supports the overthrow of Bolivarianism in Venezuela. President Obama initiated the first sanctions against Venezuela for ‘national security’ reasons. The peoples of the US and the rest of the world must not be informed there are other forms of governance that can successfully lift people out of poverty and empower them politically.

  2. If you want to understand Venezuela beyond Jimmy Dore, search out Jose Al Nino. Scott Horton interviews him. He will open your mind. Also, even before the big tech censorship purge – Al Jazeera has the best weekly information.

    “..despite the U.S. right talking points on Venezuela, it obscures that the United States has drifted from the free-market, unto a management state”

  3. The American People needed to overthrow George W Bush, Obama and Trump. Now, they need to overthrow Biden. It of course won’t happen. Most Democrats as well as most Republicans interfere in other nations’ affairs but more people criticize Republicans for being meddlesome warmongers than they criticize Democrats for doing the same thing. https://media4.giphy.com/media/PUBxelwT57jsQ/giphy.gif

    1. The Democrat Party is sacrosanct. The Democratic Pantheon is not to be criticized.

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