End the War on Yemen: Today, Not Tomorrow. Now.

From the Tenth Amendment Center:

In what is likely the worst humanitarian disaster in the world right now, the U.S.-backed war in Yemen has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. On this episode – in support of the Day of Action calling for an end to the war in Yemen – get an introduction to the history of that horrible civil war, the U.S. involvement, and some timeless advice warnings on entangling alliances from Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington.

3 thoughts on “End the War on Yemen: Today, Not Tomorrow. Now.”

  1. The Joint Chiefs need to be put in prison!

    Dec 25, 2020 Millions of Yemeni children suffer from malnutrition

    A catastrophic war has been raging in Yemen for more than 5 years. With over 80 percent of the country’s population in need of humanitarian assistance, various institutions and experts have been warning that the country is on the brink of famine and the rate of malnourished children is rising rapidly.


  2. The Korean War is often called “The Forgotten War” because it did not continue after a truce. The war in Yemen should be called “The Unknown War” since most of the media whether they’re liberals or conservatives do not discuss it. I only heard about it on this site and on Common Dreams. I read USA Today and it doesn’t say one thing about it.
    I wish the US would switch sides in the war in Yemen so it could end and more countries could send food, medicine and other necessities there and rebuild the country.

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