GOP Rep. Biggs: Failure To Withdraw From Afghanistan a ‘Slippery Slope’

From The American Conservative:

Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs warned President Biden that any delay in keeping the timetable to withdraw in Afghanistan could lead to what he called a “slippery slope.”

“I respectfully urge you to continue to remove United States service members from Afghanistan in the coming weeks, with the goal of ensuring all our brave men and women in uniform return from the theater before May,” Biggs wrote in a letter to Biden.

The U.S. agreed to withdraw all US service men and women from Afghanistan in a deal with the Taliban by May 1 in return for peace talks and a cessation of violence. This would bring an end to America’s longest war, which began in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently refused to say whether the US would keep the May withdrawal deadline.

The Taliban is very likely prepared to resume its campaign of violence against the US and coalition targets if it perceives that coalition forces have stalled or reversed course on the agreed-upon withdraw, according to the Afghanistan Study Group co-chairs who testified to the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on National Security. They testified that US troop levels may have to double their troop presence or more if the US stays beyond May 1.

The calls to delay the withdrawal in order “to give the peace process sufficient time to produce an acceptable result… is an all-too-familiar slippery slope,” wrote Biggs.

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    1. Scott Horton tells it as it is. Most of the Media say it’s necessary to keep troops in Afghanistan or the Taliban will get back in power. The longer the troops stay, the worse things will get in Afghanistan. There will be more civilians as well as troops killed and more people will return home with PTSD. If troops get that so do the Afghan People. They’ve been living in a war zone since 2001.

      1. Yes he does and I am grateful for your time and comment. This is what I wanted to share that covers what I have yet to share with you. This will fill in all of the blanks in for you.

        Jul 13, 2012 The Revolution of 1913 | by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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