Biden Begs Taliban: Let Us Stay Six More Months

The Biden Administration seems intent on breaking the agreement signed under the Trump Administration for US troops to finally leave Afghanistan, the longest and perhaps most pointless war in US history. Rather than follow through with the withdrawal, the White House is attempting to negotiate with the Taliban for six more months. How many more Americans (and Afghanis) will have to die for this failed policy? Also today, Biden ratchets up war tensions in Ukraine, shipping more than 300 tons of new weapons. War drums getting louder. On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Biden Begs Taliban: Let Us Stay Six More Months”

  1. Biden Begs Taliban: Let Us Stay Six More Months
    Beggars can be choosers. Biden is a beggar that chose to extend the war in Afghanistan. He says he will extend the war by six months. After that, he will extend it further. The war will go on as long as he is president and will likely continue under future presidents.

  2. It is revealing that the US never offers a practical justification for military interventions: a clear argument that that is the only way to achieve specific goals in a particular situation, with clear comparisons of alternatives and cost/benefit analysis, with intensive monitoring and reporting of progress towards those goals.

    Obama demanded that in 2008 when the NSC demanded a “surge” in Afghanistan (see Woodward’s The War Within), but the NSC refused to comply; VP Hillary just cheered on the boys with the medals, Obama capitulated, SecState Biden allegedly insisted upon a rational basis, and was simply excluded from NSC daily briefings, The bombing and killing went ahead with no rational grounds at all.

    So Biden has been recruited with election funding bribes. Afghanistan borders Iran, which his Israeli sponsors want to threaten and weaken.

    If the US had good intentions in other countries, it would have
    1. a long history of violence prevention programs and efforts; instead it defunds the UN and threatens to militarily attack the ICJ if it prosecutes US war crimes; and

    2. a long history of other benevolent aid to distressed nations; instead it gives about one hamburger a year to the world’s poorest, most of that as military aid to dictators.

    The US government has no good intentions in the world, it is a band of crooks paid by the rich to steal, and to suppress popular governments. We do not have a democracy, and will not see justice until the rich are deposed.

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