Conquering the Middle East (video)

In 2007, former American four-star General Wesley Clark appeared on a PBS news show to expose a secret plot to destroy seven countries in five years. This was based on the Yinon plan to destroy independent Muslim states to allow the expansion of Israel. It was supported by the American oil industry to secure new oilfields and the powerful military industry that always seeks new conflicts to generate easy profits. Six of these seven countries have now been destroyed and President Biden plans to finish this task.


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  1. As background and evidentiary support of Genial Clark’s revelation in this video of the “grand strategy” plan concocted by Ariel Sharon and the Israeli Likud Party in cahoots with the Washington neocon establishment to destroy seven Muslim countries in five years starting with Iraq in 2002, see Jonathan Cook’s 2008 book, “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” Pluto Press. Kindle Edition.

    Page 91: “The neocons’ vision of global American supremacy drew heavily for its inspiration on earlier Israeli plans for dominating the region that required recalcitrant Middle Eastern states such as Iran, Iraq and Syria, and states within their influence such as Lebanon, to be broken up into smaller units. Then, once more primal sectarian and tribal allegiances asserted themselves, they could be accentuated, exploited and managed.”

    I became aware of this sub rosa plan (and thus the real reason I was in Iraq) when I worked for the Bush Admin as civilian advisor in Iraq in 2007-08. I cover this revelation in my 2019 memoir/expose on America’s unwinnable ill-conceive wars, “When Will We Ever Learn” (Amazon Kindle). I also cover my bombing support role in the Vietnam War and the six years I worked as field level advisor in the equally futile Afghan War.

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