Biggest Cover-Up Since Iraq Exposed By Journalist Aaron Maté

Aaron Maté recaps recent meetings at the EU and UN, where the growing Douma controversy was center stage. The lies and censorship by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are clearly disgraceful.

11 thoughts on “Biggest Cover-Up Since Iraq Exposed By Journalist Aaron Maté”

  1. Excellent clip exposing the lies and censorship by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and MSM.

  2. So many people protested W’s war in Iraq. They should protest Biden’s continuation of the wars started by Bush and Obama that were continued under Trump and are continuing under Biden. The EU, Obama and Biden lied about chemical weapons in Syria, that’s just like Bush lying about Iraq threatening world peace with WMD’s and being involved in 9/11.
    The US won’t start a war in Venezuela because it doesn’t want the war to be brought to the USA. That’s why Biden, the MSM, the EU and the OPCW won’t say Venezuela is using chemical weapons against its own people.

    1. Agreed. Let me ask you a question. How do you feel about the MSM rushing to protect the vile Liz Cheney? Is the MSM/deep state just trying to keep the anti-Trump sentiment alive out there? You probably can tell. The McCain and Cheney’s father-daughter combos are not on my Christmas card list.

      1. The MSM should not protect Liz Cheney. I agree with Liz on one issue, Trump was responsible for the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

        1. For obvious reasons, I’m no fan of Liz Cheney. But we should be clear that there’s no real ideological factor to this GOP in-fighting.

          It’s just about whether the GOP breaks free of a fading, disgraced former president (quite likely at short-term expense to itself in terms of congressional seats), or lets that fading, disgraced former president keep running the reformed party establishment he built over the last four years (quite likely at long-term expense to its ability to continue as a party at all).

          1. Trump won the election, Mr. Knapp. Haven’t you heard? In what way did that amount to being disgraced? Just curious about your mind works here?

          2. I’m sure Trump did win the election you held in your imagination.

            In the real world, not so much. And he and his fellators continuously disgrace themselves not so much by their refusal to live in the real world, but, among other ways, by hectoring the rest of us to move into their fantasy world.

        2. That must be some new leftist fairy tale. That telling people to peacefully and patriotically proceed to the Capitol to make their views known was “incitement.” Have you no intellectual integrity?

        3. No Trump was not. And it was hardly a riot compared to Antifa’s fire bombing of the Portland federal building or the occupation of Chaz.

          And who RIGHT NOW has 5000 armed troops occupying the capital? Wasn’t Trump. If Trump had brought in National Guard how do you think that would have gone over?

          I don’t like Trump but call a spade a spade.

          And as for the protestors, at least they had the balls to storm the castle instead of throw rocks into a Starbucks or loot a Walmart.

  3. Also you bring up the OPCW scientists and how they bias their investigations. Now do people understand why some of us don’t buy into “scientists are pure” and that they can be biased by gov pressure or agenda into backing something that may not b true… like climate change.

    1. Before people pounce on you, please let me suggest the original term, “global warming.” Since there was no significant global warming trend, they changed the label to “climate change and climate crisis.” Since the climate changes regardless of human activities, this afforded them more flexibility to blame human kind even if the climate is cooling. This was exposed by Wikileaks: Also, although this article was injected with various false statements, see how the “Climate Crisis” is weaponized for political purposes:

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