American Special Forces Destroyed a Hospital in 2015 (video)

From Tales of the Empire:

President Barack Obama’s plan to reduce American combat forces in Afghanistan failed after the large city of Kunduz was overrun in September 2015. This was the first Afghan city to fall to insurgents since the war began in 2001. This embarrassment was magnified after a C-130 transport aircraft crashed while taking off from Jalalabad that claimed the lives of six American airmen and five contractors. The Taliban claimed credit, but the Americans were unsure why it crashed. The American CIA’s aerial assassination program was failing to suppress the insurgency and senior American officials were angry. Someone wanted revenge and ordered an aerial attack on a hospital in Kunduz where Taliban fighters were being treated, killing 24 patients and 18 medical staff, leaving 33 persons missing and over 30 wounded.


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  1. America and Israel do things like that in their war zones and the media barely talks about it but it points fingers at Russia and accuses it of deliberately targeting hospitals in Syria and provides extensive coverage.

      1. All of humanity and why Bankster’s one and all need to be swing at the end of a rope!

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