The Pentagon Papers at 50

From the Cato Institute:

The Pentagon Papers launched a decades‐​long fight over how to protect the public from threats while respecting the public’s right to know how government works. Patrick Eddington and Julian Sanchez discusses the 50th anniversary of the Pentagon Papers.

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  1. Jan. 9, 2021 Now It Can Be Told: How Neil Sheehan Got the Pentagon Papers

    It was a story he had chosen not to tell — until 2015, when he sat for a four-hour interview, promised that this account would not be published while he was alive.

    March 27, 2019 Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For

    As trillions of tax dollars in military spending have gone unaccounted for, the Department of Defense Inspector General has received 95,613 whistleblower…

    1. The NYT and the rest of the MSM are owned and operated by AIPAC.
      Whistle blowers get in trouble for telling the truth and the government gets away with lying and murder.
      Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are the real heroes and whistle blowers.
      George W Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden belong in the ICC.

      1. Not exactly as this reveals.

        Which Corporations Control The World?

        A surprisingly small number of corporations control massive global market shares. How many of the brands below do you use?

        “Control the oil, and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.” Henry Kissenger

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