Conflicts of Interest: An Afghan War Vet Weighs in on the Withdrawal

Scott Spaulding, host of ‘Why I am Antiwar’ and an Afghan War vet, returns to the show to discuss the withdrawal from Afghanistan. As thousands of troops and contractors make their exit, Scott gives his unique perspective on what the pullout will mean for the Afghan people. Scott and Kyle break down how the withdrawal has progressed and how the conflict is evolving. Scott explains how the geopolitics of Central Asia will make it difficult for the US to carry out major operations in Afghanistan after ending its longest war.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: An Afghan War Vet Weighs in on the Withdrawal”

  1. Biden is a lot like Obama, you can count on him to break his promises. We’ll see if he says what he means or if he is playing an April Fools’ Joke planned months in advance that not everyone will fall for.

    1. You should find this of interest since this is on war crimes friend.

      Jun 25, 2021 The criminal tribunal for Yugoslavia and international justice (1/2)

      Many victims of current conflicts hope that war criminals will be prosecuted. But is that realistic? The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia – held in The Hague – was the biggest international trial of its kind to date.

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