Happy Birthday, Julian

Singing Happy 50th Birthday today for Julian Assange under the non-window of his cell. Grassroots activists are now before Belmarsh prison where my 8-min recording is being played at demo organized by Committee to Defend Julian Assange.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Julian”

  1. I wish Julian Assange would have a happy birthday but he of course won’t. He is in prison and the USA wants him extradited. I wish he could escape where he could get asylum like Edward Snowden did in Russia.

    1. USA really wants him dead. Extradited and Eptseined. Not to keep him quiet but just because we are that evil.

  2. Happy Birthday Jullian. We are all working in small and big ways to set you free…..

  3. This feels a bit like the nonsense over Nord-Stream 2 when it became so obscene that any country could interfere with the private arrangements between 2 other countries, that Biden, a representative for US overseas industrial interests, had to back down in the face of German and Russian determination. Assange has been treated appalingly by everybody and with the Icelandic guy now pulling the rug from under the feeble US case, the only decent thing to do is to back down again.

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