10 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald: Corporate Media Ignores Julian Assange Due to Professional Resentment, Jealousy”

  1. US “journalists” are stenographers, P.R. agents, courtiers, not journalists. They don’t need to be censored, because they are so well trained that they censor themselves, sure never to write or utter or even think so much as a syllable that their masters would not approve of.

    The upshot is not that they are jealous of a Snowden. They are not. Instead, they identify with their masters.

  2. One of the people talking to Glenn suggested Trump might have done something about Assange if things had turned out differently in November. Was he forgetting that Trump already sold out Assange once?


    “President Donald Trump successfully pressured, or to put it more accurately bribed, Ecuador’s new president, Lenin Moreno, to expel Assange from its embassy in London. Moreno also expunged Assange’s Ecuadoran citizenship. In return, the U.S. saw to it that Ecuador got a much-needed loan from the International Monetary Fund, and improved trade deals. Ecuador would realign its foreign policy to meet U.S. terms, such as recognizing Juan Guadió as the self-declared president of Venezuela, and have Ecuador’s troops trained by the U.S.”

    1. Your view suggests that Trump alone was responsible for Assange being removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. Whereas it is rather obvious that Trump was so isolated by the organs of the 1% and force-fed a majority of false information and advice that he was putty in their hands and inadverdently did many things desired by the 1% / Empire, such as briefly bombing Syria and condemning Assange, without knowing much real truth about it all. How quickly Trump folded for Lyndsey Graham when attempting to remove ALL US troops from Syria, a couple of years ago.

      1. I didn’t suggest any such thing. I was just pointing out a fact that the newscaster left out. But Trump said we should execute Snowden, condoned torture, said we should kill family members of “terrorists”, promised belligerence towards Iran and loyalty to Israel, wanted to fill up GITMO and promised to “rebuild” our depleted military BEFORE he was president and “so isolated by the organs of the 1%”.

        1. Hey wars, glad to see you still actively posting. I have been going through an apolitical phase, but it is nice to see some familiar screen names still keeping up these pages.

          It is difficult to comprehend the incongruity of the situation: larger majorities of the people support peace than ever before, but official policy is still as belligerent as ever. I guess it was never meant to make sense.

          1. I have noticed your absence. I seen a few comments so I knew you were still with us. Thank you for the kind words. You have been one of my favorites since I started commenting.

        2. Indeed, but I just wonder why you seek to blame any number of the dotards we have had since JFK, when the real villains in all of this are basically ‘ The Elites ‘ . This is where the conversation should be. Do you really think that the senile Biden is NOT exactly what the Powers-that -be want ? Almost certainly he cannot do up his zipper after spraying the john with pee. A country as powerful as the US should have a sane, talented leader like Kennedy, not a bag of bones with one foot in the grave.

          1. I just pointed out what Trump did. I really don’t know why you read anything else into that. I vote third party and wouldn’t have voted for Clinton, Trump or Biden if you had held a gun to my head.

      2. “Your view suggests that Trump alone was responsible for Assange being removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.”

        I saw nothing like that in what wars had written. Why is it, that when anyone suggests that Trump may not be God himself, Trumpsters see evidence of “piling on,” “hatred” “singling out Trump,” etc.? Trump doesn’t appear to have a libertarian bone in his body, and certainly not a civil libertarian bone. He never “folded” for the “Deep State,” he has always been with them, at least to the extent that he exhibited any degree of principle at all.

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