Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Press Covers for Israel as It Murders Palestinians By Choice

On COI #143, Kyle and Will break down the latest quarterly report from the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which paints a bleak picture for the country as the US’ 20-year war and occupation finally appear to be winding down. A major Taliban offensive over the spring and summer has put around half of Afghanistan’s districts under the militant group’s control, sending civilian casualties to record levels for the period between May and June. Despite being propped up by American largesse for nearly two decades straight, the Afghan military has been woefully unprepared to meet the ongoing assault.

Washington has imposed two rounds of sanctions on Cuban officials on allegations they worked to “suppress” recent anti-government protests, part of a growing pressure campaign on Havana by the Biden administration, which has vowed additional penalties in the future. With the sanctions largely symbolic so far, it’s unclear whether Biden is looking to seriously take on the regime, or merely to score a short-lived domestic PR win.

Israeli forces shot four Palestinians dead in the occupied West Bank last week, including a 12-year-old boy. Another victim – all were civilians – was murdered in cold blood during the child’s funeral, where IDF troops deployed to terrorize mourners. Kyle and Will discuss the extreme state violence Palestinians are forced to tolerate on a daily basis, and Washington’s role in ensuring it never stops.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Corporate Press Covers for Israel as It Murders Palestinians By Choice”

  1. Can you see any Diference between the German Nazi and todays Zion Nazi ??
    Sorry, I can’t !!!

  2. Israel is as it is because we fostered them to be. Now, Israel is calling the shots in the ME and we are being led by the nose by AIPAC.

    We are at a weakened, warmongering state, and I wonder if that was a planned event that was masterfully orchestrated by Israel.

    Israel is the most powerful entity in the ME. Palestinians are being slowly ground under. More, Israel has the bomb.

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