Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s Endless War Games and Sanctions Set the US on a Path to War

On COI #145 Connor Freeman, writer at The Libertarian Institute, returns to the show to discuss recent attacks on ships near the Persian Gulf. The first attack saw two drones hit a cargo ship, killing two. The US, UK, and Israel have pointed the finger at Iran, claiming to have evidence. However, the governments have yet to present any, and Iran is denying the charges. 

The second attack was alleged to be an attempted hijacking. Again, Iran was blamed with no evidence yet presented. The attack was thwarted after the crew disabled the ship. The timing of the incident raises suspicions of a possible false flag to fuel tensions between Washington and Tehran. Kyle and Connor break down the motives of the possible actors, including Israel and Iran. 

Connor explains how the slow American policy shift in favor of Taiwanese independence has put the US on a collision course with China. Along with increased diplomatic ties with the island, the US has ramped up military support. This week, Biden announced his first weapons sale to Taiwan – $750 million in Howitzers and guided-munitions kits. Under Biden, the US has sailed a warship through the Taiwan Strait seven times, moves repeatedly condemned by Beijing. 

As the US steps up support for Taiwan in the East China Sea, the Pentagon is carrying out massive war games with several allied countries in the region, including its largest amphibious military drills in 40 years. US allies India, Germany, the UK, France and Japan have also deployed military ships to the South China Sea. 

Connor breaks down how the US continues to destroy its relationship with Russia. War games in the Black Sea paired with this week’s removal of 24 Russian diplomats surely undermines any good will produced from recent arms control talks. Some American hawks are noticing that Russia and China have adopted closer ties in recent years. Connor argues this is unlikely to change without a less aggressive American foreign policy. 

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11 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Biden’s Endless War Games and Sanctions Set the US on a Path to War”

  1. Aug 6, 2021 World Militaries CONFRONT China in South China Sea

    China has tried to convince the world that most of the South China Sea belongs to it. It has built up islands in the sea in an attempt to convince the international community that its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) extends a lot farther than its coast.

    1. So what business is it of the US and Europe. Seems like Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan etc would be the more reasonably interested countries. Has the US ever won a war? The idea seems more like a budget ploy than anything real.

  2. Democrats are professional liars, telling the voters what they want to hear and pretending to care for minorities while doing NOTHING of substance to actually change things in a positive manner.

    Biden is now using B-52s and Spectre gunships in Afghanistan after taking credit for ending the war there! And some of my Democratic friends believe Biden is anti-war!!! LOL

  3. Don’t you know that Americans are only happy if they can fight WARS in every corner of this Planet ??

  4. The headline is missing one word. Continuance/continuation. Please don’t pretend this is something that just came about by the fossil who won. Or by the fossil who preceded him. Or the empty suit that preceded the fossil. Or by the shrub….

  5. Nothing is more exciting for the USA than playing War Games, Games that can easily be turned into good old fashioned WAR…

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