Conflicts of Interest: The Occupation of Afghanistan Is Over, Biden Vows to Continue Bombing

On COI #156, Kyle Anzalone discusses the departure of the last US soldiers in Afghanistan. After 20 years, the occupation has finally ended. However, the US war in Afghanistan may not be over as Biden has vowed to continue drone strikes in the country. The latest strike left seven children dead. The Biden administration says soldiers left after a “successful” withdrawal of over 100,000 people. 

Kyle breaks down a recent article in the Washington Post by Max Boot. The war hawk argues the American people are the ones responsible for 13 soldiers being killed in Afghanistan. Boot is attempting to shift blame because he is among the few truly responsible for the deaths of those soldiers and hundreds of thousands of other human beings over the past 20 years. If we don’t hold people like Max Boot to account, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the Afghan War. 

Kyle talks about two recent articles on policing from Reason. One article exposes how cops are teaming up with FedEx to conduct constitutionally questionable raids. Officers deploy dogs to training facilities where any package “hit” on by a dog can then be used to raid the recipient’s home. Immigration police are also abusing their powers by targeting immigration activists. 

Kyle updates the US relationship with North Korea. After placing the North Korea issue on the back burner, the Biden administration is concerned the pot is now boiling over. The IAEA believes North Korea has restarted its reactor that produces weapons-grade nuclear material. The US will now scramble to prevent Pyongyang from advancing its nuclear program, after missing clear opportunities for diplomacy at the start of Biden’s term. 

A humanitarian group in London is seeking an ICC investigation into war crimes committed in Yemen. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, US and UK are all among those accused of killing over 100 Yemenis in violation of the laws of war. The most horrific of the crimes include bombing a school bus, killing at least 34 children. 

Last, Kyle breaks down increasing tensions with China. On a recent trip to Singapore and Vietnam, Vice President Kamala Harris rallied support against China. The VP offered aid and vowed to increase the presence of US warships in the Indo-Pacific region. As Harris wrapped up her trip, the US sailed a destroyer and Coast Guard ship through the Taiwan Strait.

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  1. Don’t worry, the World’s greatest Meddler and War monger, the USA will continue to drop Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and American Democracy over many more Countries on this Planet !

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