Conflicts of Interest: Fiction or Fact? Havana Syndrome & Energy Weapons guest Alan MacLeod

On COI #178, Alan MacLeod – writer at FAIR and Mint Press News – joins Kyle Anzalone to discuss the facts and fictions of direct energy weapons and Havana Syndrome. Starting in 2016, Americans at the US Embassy in Cuba reported feeling headaches, nausea and brain fog. The Trump administration encouraged everyone at the embassy to report when they were not generally feeling well. A rash of cases of various symptoms were then lumped into a novel ailment, the so-called ‘Havana Syndrome.’ However, the “illness” still has no identified cause and its alleged symptoms vary wildly from person-to-person. 

Nonetheless, the lack of any scientific or medical evidence has not stopped the US government and media from claiming the ‘syndrome’ is a result of attacks directed by China, Russia or another American ‘adversary.’ Now, the number of Havana Syndrome cases has topped 200, with some patients even retiring due to the supposedly debilitating effects of the illness. The corporate press has rolled this narrative into Russiagate as well, claiming Trump’s CIA downplayed the Havana Syndrome simply to maintain relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Alan points out that while the Havana Syndrome is a fiction, the US government is, in fact, working to develop directed energy weapons. Alan explains how they are currently used on the battlefield, and how the tech might evolve in the future. 

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Fiction or Fact? Havana Syndrome & Energy Weapons guest Alan MacLeod”

    1. 2016 was the Obama Admin… but the reports started much farther back than that. Also remember, as opposed to CIA or DoD employees, State Dept. folks are saints, and would never lie to advance a political agenda… nor to game the disability/retirement benefits they receive from Uncle Sugar… rolleyes McLeod slays me with his satire disguised as “facts”.

  1. Havana syndrome may be due to pulsed microwave weapons. It is illogical to posit that all evil in the world comes from the U.S.

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