MacArthur’s Plot for War with China (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

One myth found in history books is that the United States was surprised by Chinese intervention in the Korean war. This was no surprise because China warned that it would intervene if American forces moved north of the 38th parallel. War with China was sought by General Douglas MacArthur who wanted an excuse to overthrow its new communist government. He assumed that American airpower could demolish Chinese armies while Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist forces landed from Taiwan and marched to Beijing. However, the Chinese army proved far better than expected in Korea and stymied MacArthur’s secret plan. American President Harry Truman ended this plot by firing General MacArthur.


2 thoughts on “MacArthur’s Plot for War with China (video)”

  1. Off to a great start with China trying to snuff communism. But China was a starved nation of true believers in their cause and used their large population to scare them off. Now China is a high tech suprepower with super powerful missile tech and successful hypersonic testing. While the last 2 U.S. tests were laughable failures. In the first one about two months ago, the B-52 took the missile to the separation altitude, but was unable to get it to detach. In the second test the missile detached, but the motor would not start, or run, so it glided down and crashed. Yet a never ending stream of threats and provocations stream from the U.S. and the NATO Gnomes. It’s as if they are dreaming some delusions of marshal cutting edge grandeur. Maybe it’s time to move to South America.

  2. General Douglas McArthur should not be regarded as a hero, he should be regarded as a war criminal. History repeats itself and more of the same is happening now. Biden, Bush, Netanyahu, Blair etc. belong in the ICC and should rot there.

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