The Plan to Bomb Japan Before the Pearl Harbor Attack (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

Official history pretends that the United States was surprised by the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. In reality, American President Franklin Roosevelt was seeking war with Japan to justify entering the war against Germany. He approved many plans to provoke war with Japan. The most aggressive was JB 355 that was secretly funded in August 1941 to send dozens of American bombers to China, painted with Chinese insignia, to bomb strategic targets in Japan. President Roosevelt approved this plan despite objections by General George Marshall and Secretary of War Henry Stimson. They considered it an illegal act of war that required valuable aircraft needed by Britain and American forces in the Philippines.

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The 1954 CIA Coup in Guatemala (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

During World War II, American President Franklin Roosevelt promoted democracy in Latin America to ensure these nations remained allied with the United States. This allowed the people of Guatemala to improve their standard of living by slowly reforming their feudal plantation system established by Spanish colonizers and later exploited by American corporations. This threatened profits for United Fruit, a huge American corporation that dominated politics in Central America. It quietly demanded action by the United States, labeling popular economic reforms – communism. The CIA developed a plan that was approved by the American President. In 1954, the popular democratically elected President of Guatemala was ousted in a violent coup that resulted in decades of turmoil and violence.

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The Korean War May Never End (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

The Korean War that began in 1950 is technically ongoing because only an armistice was signed in 1953, rather than a peace treaty. American warmongers argue the United States must spend $8 billion a year to keep 30,000 troops there at a dozen bases until the war ends. This is only because the United States refuses to even discuss an end to the war because it will lose control of South Korea’s military if American Generals leave. In addition, part of the justification for the Pentagon’s massive annual budget is to defend South Korea, and those who profit off the perpetual American presence spend millions of dollars each year to lobby American congressmen to keep their racket going.

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The Failed Air War Over Vietnam (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

There are glorious stories about American military aircraft bombing North Vietnam. None explain the effort failed. It cost billions of dollars, killed a million people, destroyed a small nation, and had little effect on the final outcome. Some claim the effort failed because of political bombing restrictions. Others claim the bombing was successful because it forced the enemy to accept a peace agreement. In reality, the bombings were counterproductive to American goals and devolved into bureaucratic games to justify bigger budgets while enhancing military careers. Losses of American military aircraft were staggering. Almost 10,000 airplanes, helicopters and UAVs were destroyed, and another 2500 were lost by allies and the South Vietnamese military. In contrast, North Vietnam lost only around 200 aircraft during the entire Vietnam war!


The Anglo-American War on France (video)

From Tales of the American Empire

The British army abandoned their French ally in 1940 and fled to England. This forced the French to quickly negotiate a peace treaty with Germany. The French were allowed to maintain control of southern France, their overseas colonies, and powerful Navy, if they remained neutral while the Germans sought a peace deal with Britain. The United States, Britain, Soviet Union, Canada, and Australia granted the new French government full diplomatic recognition.

An Anglo-American war on France soon began. This war on France is mostly ignored in official history since it’s impossible to justify. The official excuse was that France became an ally of Germany, or that the Germans might seize French ships. But France was not a German ally and the Germans had no naval force to deploy and seize French ships overseas. It would take hours for German ground forces to reach the French port of Toulon in southern France. The French had promised the British and Germans they would scuttle their ships should the Germans attempt to seize them. The real reason for the Anglo-American war on France was that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin Roosevelt had secretly agreed to dismantle the French empire.


Panama Ransacked in 1989 (video)

From Tales of the American Empire:

George H. W. Bush and Manuel Noriega were partners in crime. As CIA chief and later Vice President, Bush worked with Noriega to control Central America. Noriega had a long career of violence as a solider and CIA operative in Panama. Noriega helped the CIA run a massive cocaine smuggling operation that produced millions of dollars each month to fund private CIA armies and enrich CIA players. He then demanded a larger share of cocaine profits while refusing to openly support the CIA’s effort to overthrow the popular government of Nicaragua.

As an American trained intelligence officer, Noriega collected “negative information” about both friends and foes. He used this to protect himself from an American coup or assassination by telling people this material would be released should something happen to him. Once newly elected President Bush and his team entered office, ousting Noriega was a top priority. This would be not be simple because Bush needed to ransack the entire nation to seize all evidence of his criminal activities. This invasion resulted in massive destruction and thousands of fatalities.

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