Conflicts of Interest: Biden Tries to Divide the World

On COI #202, Kyle Anzalone discusses how President Joe Biden’s effort to create a ‘Democratic’ bloc of countries is dividing the world into camps. The camps are not “democracy” versus “autocracy” as Biden claims. Rather, the divide is between the current American-led order and countries seeking an independent foreign policy.

Kyle breaks down the latest tensions between the US and Russia. Biden appears to have slightly stepped down from the height of tensions, though he still refuses to recognize Russia’s sphere of influence. 

Kyle updates the investigation into the August Kabul drone strike that left ten civilians dead. The Pentagon announced that no soldiers would be disciplined for the strike. The victims of the strike could have easily been identified as civilians. The Department of Defense’s refusal to hold anyone accountable likely guarantees it will happen again.

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  1. Doesn’t Biden realise that he is now the new Leader of the World’s newest and biggest BANANA REPUBLIC ???

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