Conflicts of Interest: Israel Panics Over Critique of Apartheid Policies

On COI #211, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss Israeli apartheid and why Tel Aviv’s worries that awareness of their regime’s brutality will spread this year. Kyle and Connor then update the JCPOA talks, the slight potential for peace on the Korean Peninsula, and the latest on tensions in Africa highlighting Sudan’s unrest.

Connor details how a prisoner’s 141 day hunger strike is exposing Israel’s longstanding policy of indefinitely locking up Palestinians without charges or trials. Israel is buying more U.S. arms and bombing the Gaza concentration camp. Tel Aviv’s top diplomat is greatly concerned over the UN’s coming investigations into Israeli war crimes. 

Connor also updates the Vienna talks and Israel’s latest threat to attack Iran without first warning the United States.

Kyle talks South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s efforts, before his term ends, to work with Pyongyang, Washington, and Beijing to bring about the Korean War’s formal end.

Kyle covers Sudan’s ongoing turmoil since last year’s military coup. The Sudanese President has stepped down and the protesters are now demanding an end to Khartoum’s international military aid. 

Kyle then breaks down the latest news on conflicts in various African countries including Somalia, the Congo, and Ethiopia.

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2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Israel Panics Over Critique of Apartheid Policies”

  1. No matter how much the World criticises Israel, she will remain the Middle East most active Terrorist State in occupied Palestine! Remember : Zionazis have learned well from their former Nazi masters !!

    1. And, Israel has the bomb and delivery vehicles. Gives them a big puffed chest and lots of chutzpah.

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