Veterans For Peace Releases Nuclear Posture Review

The U.S.-based international organization Veterans For Peace has released its own assessment of the current global threat of nuclear war, ahead of the anticipated release of the Biden Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review. The Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review warns that the danger of nuclear war is greater than ever and that nuclear disarmament must be vigorously pursued. Veterans For Peace plans to deliver their Nuclear Posture Review to the President and Vice President, to every member of Congress, and to the Pentagon.

With the first anniversary of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) on January 22, the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review calls on the U.S. government to sign the treaty and to work with other nuclear-armed states to eliminate all the world’s nuclear weapons. The TPNW, approved by a vote of 122-1 in the UN General Assembly in July of 2017, reflects the international consensus against the existence of such weapons.

LINK to the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review

Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review also calls for measures that would reduce the risk of nuclear war, such as implementing policies for No First Use and taking nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert.

As early as this month, President Biden is expected to issue a United States Nuclear Posture Review, prepared by the Department of Defense in a tradition started in 1994 during the Clinton Administration and continued during the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations. Veterans For Peace anticipates that the Biden Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review will continue to reflect the unrealistic goals of full spectrum dominance and justify the continuing expenditure of billions of dollars on nuclear weapons.

“Veterans have learned the hard way to be skeptical of our government’s military adventures, which have led us from one disastrous war to another,” said Ken Mayers, a retired Marine Corps major. “Nuclear weapons are a threat to the very existence of human civilization,” continued Mayers, “so the U.S. nuclear posture is too important to be left to the cold warriors at the Pentagon. Veterans For Peace has developed our own Nuclear Posture Review, one that is consistent with U.S. treaty obligations and reflects the research and work of many arms control experts.”

The 10-page document prepared by Veterans For Peace reviews the nuclear posture of all the nuclear-armed states – the U.S., Russia, the UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel. It makes a number of recommendations for how the U.S. could provide leadership to begin a process of worldwide disarmament.

“This is not rocket science,” said Gerry Condon, a Vietnam-era veteran and former president of Veterans For Peace. “The experts make nuclear disarmament seem impossibly difficult. However, there is a growing international consensus against the existence of such weapons. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was approved overwhelmingly by the UN General Assembly in July 2017 and went into effect on January 22, 2021. It IS possible and necessary to eliminate all nuclear weapons, as 122 nations of the world have agreed.”

LINK to the Veterans For Peace Nuclear Posture Review

Interviews are available upon request. Contact: Ken Mayers, 505-577-1975, Gerry Condon, 206-499-1220.

Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Military Veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace by using our experiences and lifting our voices.

5 thoughts on “Veterans For Peace Releases Nuclear Posture Review”

  1. Congratulations to Veterans For Peace.
    Not only do they embrace the TPNW (Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) but they lay out a step by step program to lessen the danger of accidental nuclear war in the interim!
    Experts tell us that this is the most likely way for the nuclear war to begin.
    One especially important step mentioned prominently in the Veterans For Peace’s Nuclear Posture Review is to end the Hair Trigger Alert on which US and Russian weapons are placed. A single mistake and all is over. We will never get to implement the TPNW.
    Time to get that monkey off our backs!

  2. The VFP NPR does more than just list recommendations and demands. It also gives a concise history and status about the nuclear program in the US. Everyone should read this and update their own knowledge and then refer it to their own congressperson. It is clear that no matter what the Biden administration issues, the VFP NPR will be more thought our and researched.

  3. No Agreement or Treaty entered into by the Pentagon or State Department is worth the paper it is written on. The Normandy Format didn’t carry out the Minsk Agreement and probably never will and Russia is not going to invade The Ukraine.
    The S-500 is the Game Changer that can blow Satellites out of Space, and “The Masters of Space” have no Defense against the Kinzal, the Avant-garde or the Mach 10-20+ Russian Arsenal so they need to wise up and pull out before they get us all killed.

  4. Those sexy ceramic no-seamed hypersonic glide jobbers were developed in the 80’s to Out Run SDI space based lasers the ABM treaty outlawed. We really only hear about them recently in a Putin
    Cold war Pushback campaign. It was Trump whon informed Putin of our Privituzed SDI build going up as a genuine Phased Array as seen in Starwars. ‘W’ tore up the treaty in 2002 because the cold ear was won and was long over. Since then we have milliwatts to gigawatts CO2 lasers developed in S. AFRICA Flying on a S. AFRICAN’S wifi service!
    Summary: Starwars was made obsolete in the 80’s by simple technology who’s improvements have been tested and perfected. Putin did not have to say one word about Ceramic Bodied Hypersonic glide Vehicles. No one needed an imagination that it could have or can be done. Starlink is obsolete and the Sneak Attack/ Replenishment contract absolute war economy based on a win- win is a lose- lose strategy. DO NOT CONTINUE!
    But Russia has what the EU thugs want: Oil. CHINA has what the U. S. Dominionist’s want: Taiwanese and Hongkong engineering/ manufacturing. STARLINK IS untested in Hypersonic warfare though Elon Musk’s answer to “if a Speeding Swiss train could get a good lock on A Starlink service?” Was, ” To a Phased Array ( Starlink Service), everything (moving) is ( relatively and in-significantly) slow.”

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