Conflicts of Interest: Hawks Screech as Biden Nears A Return to the Iran Nuclear Deal

On COI #229, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss the U.S. potentially returning to the JCPOA and the Abraham Accords Caucus. They also examine Kyle and Will Porter’s latest articles on U.S.-Europe-Russia relations.

Kyle breaks down the status of Vienna’s JCPOA talks. The Iranians have said there has been progress, but significant issues remain including namely the scope of necessary sanctions relief. The U.S. hawks in the legislative branch are screeching against Biden’s tentative decision to lift sanctions. Senators Ted Cruz and Bob Menendez are blatantly attempting to subvert Biden’s putative Iran agenda. U.S. officials in the media are warning Iran’s breakout time to build a nuclear bomb – a weapon they are not seeking – has been greatly reduced. Israel is also threatening to continue attacking Iran in various ways including “targeted killings.”

Kyle reports on the status of Biden’s economic war on Venezuela. The U.S. still backs the would be puppet Juan Guaido, who lacks support in the country and whose coup attempts infamously failed. A retired Venezuelan general involved in regime change efforts is now saying his plot had the CIA’s full knowledge.

Connor covers the Abraham Accords caucus, a bicameral, bipartisan group of lawmakers promoting an agenda that would require the State Department to promote further normalization between Israel and Arab States. This comes at a time when Israel is dealing with the fallout of multiple human rights organizations issuing reports detailing Israeli apartheid. The caucus and their agenda is backed by myriad Zionist special interest groups and even the Atlantic Council. The phony peace deals are merely a way to throw Palestinians under the bus, encircle Iran, and sell arms to authoritarian regimes.

Connor then interviews Kyle about his recent News Round Up articles on the tensions with Russia and the Ukraine crisis.

Kyle analyzes the roles of Turkey and Germany in the crisis, potential THAAD anti-ballistic missile launcher deployments to Ukraine, various fractures in NATO, ongoing NATO military exercises mere tens of miles from Russia’s borders, and recent provocative NATO troop movements. Kyle also reports on the French President’s recent meeting with Putin, possible deals over the breakaway Donbas Republics’ autonomy, the U.S. State Department’s false flag narratives, and the continuing information war against Russia.

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