Conflicts of Interest: The Most Dangerous China Hawks guest Dave DeCamp

On COI #230, Dave DeCamp – News Editor at – joins Kyle Anzalone to discuss Yemen, Iran, and China. 

Dave updates the recent Saudi attacks in Yemen. January was the deadliest month for Saudi civilian casualties since 2016. However,  at the start of his administration, Joe Biden had pledged to reduce military support for the Saudi’s slaughter. But with no political pressure to end the war, he is now looking to deeper embed America in the war by supporting the UAE and designating the Houthis as a terrorist group. 

Dave breaks down the status of US-Iran nuclear talks. The US continues to warn that time to save the deal is running out. Israel is telling the US not to return to the deal because Iran is unlikely to make nuclear weapons with or without an agreement. 

Dave and Kyle discuss the growing number of American politicians who declare opposition to wars with Russia or terrorism, but vigorously support hostilities with China. Figures from across the political spectrum take this poison, Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, Tusli Gabbard and Ro Khanna. Leading to a growing number of Americans believing that the Chinese Communist Party is a nefarious actor that must be confronted.

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