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Since November, the U.S. government and Western media outlets have been warning that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine. First, they said there could be an invasion on Christmas. Then it was pushed back to early January, and then to mid-February.

Well, it’s mid-February. What happened to the invasion? If you’ve been reading, you won’t be surprised. Instead of joining the mainstream media in running scaremongering headlines for the clicks, we’ve been highlighting the fact that the U.S. and Russia have been engaged in talks this entire time, a sign that a conflict is not likely.

There’s always a risk of an escalation in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region (which the U.S. would blame on Russia after the completely unsubstantiated false- flag claims), but an all-out invasion of Ukraine to sack Kyiv was never really on the table. The Russians have said so repeatedly, and in recent weeks, even Ukrainian officials have said an invasion is not likely, contradicting the U.S. narrative.

Even as the mainstream media has been lockstep with the Biden administration in promoting the Russian invasion narrative, the dam is cracking, and the propaganda is more obvious than ever. AP reporter Matt Lee recently confronted State Department spokesman Ned Price over the fact that the U.S. had zero evidence to back up its latest claim (that Russia is preparing a "propaganda video" to justify an invasion). Price had little to say except to suggest that Lee was a dupe for Russian propaganda.

While more people are waking up to the Empire’s lies,’s independent news coverage and analysis of U.S. foreign policy are needed now more than ever to debunk war propaganda in real time. From WMDs to Russiagate, has been on the right side of history.

Unfortunately, being right in this business is not profitable. After over 25 years of non-interventionism, is still entirely reader-funded.

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Help us continue this vital project
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