Many Viral TikTok Videos of Ukraine War Are Fake

Noted YouTube “scambuster” Kitboga (2.2 million subscribers) has posted the video below showing many examples of viral TikTok videos purporting to be scenes of war in Ukraine. These videos are mostly clips from video games or from other wars. Many of these posts are being used to raise money for fake charities.

Kit explains the various scams that are being used to raise money on TikTok, YouTube, and other platforms.

There are actual videos of the war, but everyone needs to be skeptical and ask for sources.

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32 thoughts on “Many Viral TikTok Videos of Ukraine War Are Fake”

  1. Very true. Glenn Greenwald refers to some in his Substack post from today. Most of the stuff you see on MSM about Russia “taking huge casualties” or “inflicting huge casualties on civilians” are mostly BS.

    1. I am startled at the ignorance amongst many people on various forums. They no nothing of what is happening to civilians in the Donbass region, or of the Nazi inspired Azov corps of the Ukrainian army. It is getting so tribal especially if you try to point out Ukrainan faults.

    2. nonsense, the ukranians are fighting like spartans so they only lost 300 while russia has lost 5000 troops.


  2. (supposedly)Here are a bunch more :

    I think the ones about the Africans not being allowed on the trains until Ukrainians go is true.

    Africans denied entry into a train taking people from Ukraine to Poland by Ukraine Soldiers and Police. Africans were forced to wait until all Ukrainians had boarded trains before they would be allowed to get into one.

  3. Considering how much money the Clinton and Biden families have made from Ukraine, it seems pretty financially based, using the Russia Russia Russia scapegoat worn out story….and I read somewhere that Ukraine is the hotspot for child trafficking. “Ukraine is one of the most prominent countries in Europe for human trafficking with over 260,000 trafficking victims over the last 30 years.” I hate war for all countries, but realizing that ALL the wars in the last 100 years were manipulated to further enrich a few on the backs of many, is depressing, but illuminating to those running the world.. a bunch of sadists.

  4. February 28, 2022 Thoughts on the endgame in Ukraine/By Tony Kevin, former Australian diplomat

    By coincidence I have been travelling in northwestern Russia during the past tumultuous three weeks in world history: in the cradle of modern Russia, visiting important sites in Russia’s history as a nation-state and in her cultural heritage – Pskov, Pushkinskie Gory, and the major cities Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

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