Zelensky’s Saakashvili Moment

In 2008 as then-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili realized that his attack on Russian peacekeepers and civilians in South Ossetia had elicited a Russian military response that ended up with the Russian army practically knocking on his door in Tbilisi, he infamously appeared on a BBC interview voraciously chewing his necktie. It demonstrated to the world that the plucky US-educated leader who dared take on the Russian bear for the sake of “democracy” was in fact an unhinged and unstable figure (installed into power by the US-led “Rose Revolution”) who found himself losing it upon realization that he was over his head and the US cavalry were not coming to liberate him.

During the course of the 2008 Russian intervention in Georgia, Saakashvili made increasingly outlandish and unhinged claims, including that:

  • “Georgia’s ports and airports will be taken under the control of the U.S. Defense Department.”
  • “Russia has lost more airplanes than in any conflict of this scale since 1939.”

And, as reported by Moon of Alabama at the time:

‘What I expected specifically from America was to secure our airport and to secure our seaports,’ he went on, concluding that the American presence would do so. ‘The main thing now is that the Georgian Tbilisi airport will be permanently under control.’

All of these claims and many more were increasingly and laughably proven totally untrue. A Caucasian Comical Ali. And then, finally, when the hard reality smacked up against his wild claims, he tucked in to his tie.

Ukraine’s comedian-president Zelensky seems to be careening down that same path.

Perhaps Putin is the apotheosis of evil after all, and everyone who dares challenge this modern-day golem is destined for madness.

Or maybe not.

Whatever the case, Zelensky is sounding a bit unhinged of late.

No one will dispute that he’s a man of many talents…

However, when the chips are down, as they are, he seems to be a tie-muncher at the end of the day.

Take his frenetic activities yesterday, starting with his signing a formal application to join the European Union – about as likely as my being chosen “Miss Sweden.”

Then later in the day, perhaps around cocktail hour, he demanded that President Biden enforce a “no-fly” zone over much of Ukraine, assuring Biden that Ukraine “can beat the aggressor if the Western allies do their part.”

At that point even hawkishly-unhinged Senator Marco Rubio had to descend from the ether of Washington’s war machine.

Poor Biden drunk-walked across the White House lawn as reporters asked him legitimate questions about the threat of nuclear war. But the fact is quite plain: for the US to (attempt to) impose a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine would require that the United States military annihilate every single S-400 and S-500 air defense system located inside Russian territory.

In other words, were Washington to abide the fake frontline warrior Zelensky’s request it would require the initiation of a civilization-destroying World War III.

How many American sheeple who have subbed out their “Wear the damn mask!” Facebook profile pictures for “Save Ukraine” or “Pray for Ukraine” are willing to see the end of life on earth as we know it to “save” a country that nearly seven in ten Americans literally cannot locate on a map of the globe?

It’s all fun and games until the world blows up.

Soon it will become obvious that the comedian-president who has openly welcomed child soldiers, is forcing men from 18-60 to fight, has released hardened criminals from prison to fight on the front lines, and has called for foreign mercenaries to come fight for Ukraine is not currently scoring an overwhelming victory against the Russian military, as the Pravda-esque US mainstream media continues to report.

America: you get the heroes you deserve. How do you like your tie?

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. He knows there will be no NFZ. He’s moving the asks into the impossible so it will be more likely for countries to give him their asks that are actually possible.

  2. The real threat now is “Serbia-Redux.” If the UN General Assembly votes tomorrow to sanction the Russian invasion, the US and NATO will attempt to “finesse” an intervention in Ukraine, probably using proxy forces, as Pepe Escobar has said on Twitter today.

    This won’t be successful, but it will be very dangerous as it brings NATO and Russia closer to war with each other.

  3. February 26th 2022 Western reporting – news from nowhere By Stephen Sefton, Tortilla con Sal

    There are three main senses in which practically no foreign affairs reporting by Western news media and NGOs is ever about the country ostensibly the subject of their reports. First, almost invariably the reporting is so selective and biased as to be in effect a fictional account of some notional place barely recognizable as the country in question.


  4. Talking to a young lad the other day he said he was thinking of going to the Ukraine to fight the Russians , i said do you know anything about Russia he gave me blank stir and said , i then said what do you know about the Ukraine again another blank stir and the answer nothing , IMO this is the mind set of mst Brits brain washed by BBC / MSM anti Russian Propaganda , the samething happened in Vietnam when the marines got there they wondered what the hell they were doing there .

  5. The people of the world should take a history class on the origins of Russia and Ukraine before they start talking about the situation in Ukraine. Most of them do not have clue about it.

  6. Neither Saakashvili nor Zelensky is as unhinged as Daniel McAdams. This column clearly supports Russian aggression in the Ukraine, which some contributors to antiwar.com see as prowar stance. Mr McAdams has stated that he will not criticize any government that the United States government has criticized. Apparently any government that Americans might praise is open to vilification. Good thing the United States never said anything good about Pilsudski in 1939, or Mr McAdams would besmirch antiwar.com with a post about how the Hitler Stalin pact is an alliance against US Imperialism. Libertarians actually oppose aggression regardless of the source – so libertarians opposed American policy in Iraq because it was coercive – and Russian intervention in Ukraine is coercive and murderous. Mr McAdams is beneath contempt for his support of aggression and his defense of oppressive regimes.

    1. Well, you do sound as sharp and reasonable as Saakashvili and Zelensky. And, miracle, even worse informed than they were.
      A feat.

          1. This discussion is obviously imposing a strain on your “mind” – I apologize.

      1. Not sure who you refer to. My bookshop offers a large selction of books in opposition to National Socialism, in English & German. I have spoken at anti-Nazi rallies in Riverside, CA and can discuss the history of Nazi crimes with you anytime. If you are referring to Daniel McAdams, I don’t know what his
        attitude is toward National Socialism. You will have to ask him.

          1. I cannot even speculate what would motivate that charge. It really is beneath me to respond to such Scheiss! My father, a German American, was a corporal in the US Army in 1944 when he was in a battle against a Wehrmacht unit. Out ot 220 men in his company, 58 were left when he was taken to the field hospital. I operate Renaissance Book Shop in Riverside, CA with the largest selection of Anti-Nazi books in English & German available for sale in southern California. I have spoken at a large rally against the National Socialist Movement in Riverside, CA organized by my friend the local Chair of The Peace & Freedom Party. But I don’t have to defend myself against you. You are obviously a moron, or possibly mentally ill.

          2. Let me start over. I want to apologize for making assumptions about you. I can just say that I did not know whether you meant I am a Nazi apologist or Daniel McAdams is a Nazi apologist. You said you are pointing at me. First, did your mother never tell you it’s not polite to point? But since you did, I can just say you guessed wrong. I am not a Nazi apologist, for reasons too numerous to go into. But I don’t have to defend myself to you. But I was wrong to make assumptions about your problem. I don’t know you so I don’t know exactly what your problem is. I can just quote one of the Jamaican Bobsled team members – “your problem is not a small one.”

          3. I guess we can agree that neither of us cares what the other one thinks. You appear to be supporting
            Russian aggression, but if you’re not, you are certainly promoting a pro-Russia propaganda line that
            is clearly not the case. Yes there are Nazis in the Ukraine, but also in Russia and in America etc. Ukraine
            had an election and the winner was not a Nazi. Lots of Nazis like Putin, or do you pay attention.

          4. “Ukraine had an election and the winner was not a Nazi. Lots of Nazis like Putin, or do you pay attention.”

            Yes, Ukraine had an election, and the winner was not a Nazi.

            Then the US sponsored a coup to overthrow the winner.

          5. Are you accusing the current President of Ukraine of being a Nazi? Zelensky was elected,
            Was he put in by a coup, or his predecessor? And do you have evidence there was a coup
            directed from America? Are you attempting to say that Zelensky is less a legitimate leade
            of the Ukraine than Putin is?

  7. Mar 2, 2022 Russell Bentley / Regis Tremblay Update from Donetsk Front

    Regis Tremblay’s latest interview with me. I am home after 2 days at the Front. Will be going back again soon. The fighting is heavy but we are advancing every day. Ukraine will soon be liberated.


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