Is Ukraine Actually a US/Russia Proxy War?

Despite assuring Americans last night that no troops would be sent to fight in Ukraine, President Biden assured the country that it would stand by its NATO allies. Many argue that this is a good argument against Ukraine’s NATO membership in the first place – as then the US would be obligated to fight. What other moves might the US/EU make? No-fly zone? More weapons? Total oil embargo?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Is Ukraine Actually a US/Russia Proxy War?”

  1. Mar 2, 2022 Ukraine invasion: United Nations is being ‘challenged’

    The US ambassador to the UN gives an impassioned speech to the UN assembly ahead of a vote on a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    1. Is that the speech where she whined that cluster munitions and thermobaric bombs are “illegal” under a convention that the US itself is not party to and ignores?

      I’ve personally walked through the detritus of US cluster bomb strikes. It’s not pretty and I don’t recommend it.

  2. tl;dw Far as I can tell, the US and NATO have almost no moves left. They shot their wad on sanctions, which Russia will survive. They can’t do a “no-fly zone” – next to impossible without starting full-scale NATO-Russia war.

    About the only option I see is continued weapons supply – up to the point where Russia gets annoyed enough to actively interdict them – and possible use of “proxy forces” infiltrated through Poland and the other borders – same problem, tick Russia off enough, it will interdict them. They won’t have any significant effect on the military balance in Ukraine, anyway. They’re mostly for PR value to show NATO is “helping”.

    “Oil embargo?” That’s called an act of war, too. Not to mention that much and maybe most of Russia’s energy exports go through pipes, not ships. Try attacking those pipes, see what that gets you.

    Pepe Escobar made the point on Medhurst’s interview that Russia has the ability to connect pipelines in eastern Russia to China very easily. Attack Russian pipelines in Europe, Russia just switches all the gas to the Far East.

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