Conflicts of Interest: Russia Captures Ukrainian Nuclear Plant After Battle

On COI #242, Kyle Anzalone breaks down the latest news in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Fighting broke out at a major nuclear plant. Russia captured the plant and all radiation levels are normal.

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3 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest: Russia Captures Ukrainian Nuclear Plant After Battle”

  1. The Ukraine weaponized Plutonium.
    NATO will be embroiled in Nuclear War if it does not get honest about this: the Ukraine has already committed to lie about it and to petition for protection.

    Russia has been targeted betore by western powers and Nazi Germany and they are DEAD SERIOUS about their State of Nuclear Readiness.

    The only places the Ukrainian military are defending are Nuke plants.

    I personally trust Russia with the Plutonium and Peace, not NATO.

    Only Russia is Defending Heirloom Hebrew Remnants from war where as NATO is making an act of genocide on ALL Diaspora Judeans in Russia and EU and USA.
    Russia is not going to stand down unless NATO GETS HONEST.
    2 kitty out

      1. Same civil war over there now was used here and later on Russia to murder the Tsar and all his babies in Genocide to remove his genetic line from European Mergovian Monarch Madness.
        What Putin is defending his nation from.
        Because Ukrainians were being trained to be an embroiled target to flesh out bad baptist/ Masonic eschatologies of New Templar dominion.
        REMNANTS of the best part.
        LEVITES !
        VIRGINS ! because they Never worshipped other gods.

        Tabernacle leadership for the 3.5 years of living love before the freaks gang up again to attack them. Then the Latter rain harvest and into the Millennium to live it Real. Without wicked people or wicked errant rogue angel/ servants.

        You need Salvation friend, whatever plan you are on denies Truth. I suggest you shop around for a better future so that Truths can be recieved! Romans 10:9

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