You Won’t Know What Hit You and Why

In recent days, in what is surely a coordinated action by NATO and European authorities acting hand in glove, Russian news broadcasters have been taken off servers in Europe and effectively made inaccessible to the entire European public.  This modern day “jamming” concerns not just RT or Sputnik, the best known state owned voices of Russia because they broadcast in English and other languages that we all know, but virtually every news outlet based in Russia, public and privately owned, and broadcasting in the Russian language.

In this regard, EU Member States are waging an Information War of greatest significance that is absolutely not mentioned, let alone discussed in Western media, whether mainstream or otherwise. The victim is the European public, which, if bad turns to worse, will not know what hit them and why when cruise or hypersonic missiles descend on NATO bases or infrastructure. This enforced silence prevents Western civil society from taking any steps to save its own neck in what have become wartime conditions on the Continent.

The blockage is not uniformly enforced at all times, so that some Russian print and video producers can be accessed at one moment or another before going black.

In particular, one vitally important 3.30 minute video of Russian military spokesman Igor Konoshenkov yesterday and this morning remains accessible on YouTube I will detail below what he was saying, because the messenger and the message concern whether you and I will live to see another day.

Konoshenkov’s points in this video were the following:

1) Russia has now destroyed the entire Ukrainian air force that remained within the confines of Ukraine

2) There are also Ukrainian fighter jets that left the country and are now parked in Romania and other neighboring countries. If these planes are allowed by local authorities to take off from Romania, etc. and enter Ukrainian air space, Russia will consider the country from which they took off as a co-belligerent and will take appropriate action against them. The subtext is that Russia is ready to make missile strikes against NATO airfields that transgress the rules of war.

3) Russia is now about to destroy all military industrial complex factories in Ukraine and has formally warned all employees of these factories to leave the premises and stay away

4) Russia has received documentation from Ukrainian health authorities on the production of biological weapons  (anthrax, Siberian plague and much more) by Ukrainian labs in Kharkiv and elsewhere in cooperation with the United States. Stocks of such weapons were being stored in direct violation of international conventions.  On 24 February, in advance of the start of Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, the Ukrainian health authorities destroyed these illicit biological weapons. However, Russia has obtained the official documentation certifying this destruction of what should never have been there. Moscow is now studying this documentation, which indicates United States participation in the development of the biological weapons and will publish the incriminating documents, starting from yesterday.

5) Russia has also obtained documentation proving that Ukraine, in cooperation with the United States, was since the presidency of Petro Petrushenko, actively developing nuclear weapons, including “dirty” nuclear devices using readily available fuel from its reactors.  Such activity was going on in the Zaporozhye nuclear plants, and it is very likely that the fire reported at a ‘training unit’ adjacent to an active reactor two days ago related to destruction of incriminating papers, if it was not otherwise a ‘false flag’ operation to allege a Russian attack on the power station, in violation of international law.

From this list, the most threatening to European peace in the immediate days ahead is point 2, regarding Ukrainian aircraft based outside of Ukraine and being assigned missions to fly back into Ukrainian air space to thwart Russia’s ongoing military offensive.  This bears directly on the patently insane plans of Secretary of State Blinken to allow the Poles to transfer to Kiev, its stock of Soviet era MIGs for missions into Ukraine.

As regards American involvement in the illicit production of biological weapons and of dirty or other types of nuclear arms, we may expect very heated discussions in the United Nations and other forums in coming days.

In the context of the Russian recovery of incriminating documentation that exposes foreign aiders and abetters of Ukraine’s hoped for but not yet achieved production of weapons of mass destruction, it is entirely possible that this explains the sudden and unanticipated flight to Moscow of Israel’s President Bennett two days ago for urgent consultations with President Putin. So far accusations of foreign participation are directed solely against the United States.

The link to Konoshenkov’s briefing yesterday afternoon (only in Russian language):

Gilbert Doctorow is a Brussels-based political analyst. His latest book is Does Russia Have a Future? Reprinted with permission from his blog.

© Gilbert Doctorow, 2022

30 thoughts on “You Won’t Know What Hit You and Why”

  1. Wow, I was wrong when I thought supporters of Putin’s aggressive invasion would not use the same WMD propaganda that George W Bush used against Iraq. Ironic that would now be promoting Russian war propaganda.
    This column mentions biological weapons in Ukraine and biological weapons in Ukraine. If the Russians thought Ukraine had WMD why did they not ask for UN inspectors? Yes, George W Bush started bombing Iraq while the inspectors were on the ground, and forced them to end inspection. But now Russia claims without evidence and without outside inspectors, that Ukraine had biological weapons and plans to develop nukes. Eric, you have smoked yourself stupid!

    1. No. Russia found documents that show that these biological weapons were destroyed. There were no biological weapons left to inspect.

      1. I read the post, and the post did say what you say. But that is a claim of WMD programs similar to the claims Bush made after it was
        clear there was no WMD. The supposed Russian general’s report on destroyed WMD is unverified, uncorraborated and only someone with
        an axe to grind would report it. is now at the level of Dick Cheney, and I am tired of dealing with Dicks.

          1. I am here to monitor the bullshit that is coming out of what once was a useful vehicle for opposing war. I would rather not
            have to look at this toxic cesspool, but I have to have facts to back up my criticism of it.

        1. I meant that’s what the article said. Not that they found the weapons as Gene implied in his first comment, but that they say that they found the documents showing that the weapons had been destroyed.

          1. The key here, to me, is “in cooperation with the United States”. I have to admit that I’m always ready to believe that the United States government would perform any dirty deed (or help someone else to), unless shown otherwise. Kind of a guilty until proven innocent mindset. It’s an attitude I’ve developed over the years, as the United States government continuously lies and cheats and steals and murders in order to get what they want.

            Not that I don’t think Russia is capable of fabricating the documents.

          2. In war and quasi-war matters that put multiple regimes at odds with one another, I just assume that they’re all mostly lying about pretty much everything. That seems to be the way the odds fall. But I’m also willing to believe the worst of all of them, too.

      2. Destroyed or relocated and NOW impossible to find in Poland?
        In NATO?

  2. Love this article.
    Anyone can search and discover that the Ukraine petitioned for permission to Weaponize its Plutonium. Years ago.

    My take on Russian Nuclear readiness is that they have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the Ukrain is a Nuclear Weapon Power with WMD’s.

    The only state asset and priority to defend are Ukrainian held Nuke plants. That is where the Ukrainian military can be found dead and alive.

    Russia asked that we remove our NATO nukes as a earnest of peaceful resolve. They know that we know the Plutonium was weaponized. WE DECLINED. NATO DECLINED.

    SO NATO is going to get nuked as is the lovely gas pumps here with their inflated prices.

    Time for a moment of clarity. Time to get honest or get gone.
    Russia is defending its people from a ROGUE NUCLEAR POWER NEXT DOOR.
    2kitty out

    1. If NATO gets nuked, Russia gets nuked.

      Your comments are far too glib about the prospect.

      Something is definitely a bit off about you and your comments.

      1. Glib? What are the EE units you measure Glib by?

        The prospect is a sure thing. THE Ukraine moved their WMD’s into NATO and NATO is acting like they have control of them now. The Ukraine jets are a hot potato. WHY? Why the strategy to re-enter them in Ukraine airspace?
        To prove the daily lie that Russia is now intending to use them there?

        Listening to the 700 Club again? They have been there for 30 years. Recently they advertise helping old old Russians on tv, then Gordon shows a map of their outlets: not a one in Russia and a dozen+ in Ukraine. That is what I consider glib darling.

        No one wants to get honest about Where the WMDs are now but they are in Poland. Which is NATO.
        all the instigators have to do is release it and blame Russia.

        Poland is stuck holding a hot mess of weaponized Ukrainian Plutonium.
        Nuclear War is unavoidable sir.
        Ukraine military were offered window to leave their occupied hospital and they broke the truce and the Russians responded accordingly. The hospital had Been Evacuated, using a few pregnant women as meat shields by Ukranian military in a hospita
        is a War Crime son.
        Make it Real.
        2 kitty out

        1. Do you have any evidence whatsoever to support your claim that Ukraine and Poland have WMD and weaponized plutonium?

          1. You are being glib?
            The 700 club insists that Russia is going to use Bio weapons and ‘”tactical nukes” son.
            That China and Russia are an ” Axis of Eeevil”. Lol.

            They can twist the truth for a justified holy crusade with no proofs and get people to send them dollars to support their lying campaign to boot!
            Ask them to document their intelligence they peddle as truth.
            They say that Russia is eeevil.
            So far Russian aassets have been has been seized with no terms to return them: the extent of sanctions is NATO and UN approved looting.
            Our Senator Lindsey darling wants a Tsarist like Assassination.
            Russia has been here before.
            European Kings and Mergovian Royalty performed GENOCIDE on the Tsar and replaced him with Communism:
            An industrial export lead by Andrew Carnegie and the City of London. GENOCIDE IS WHAT PUTIN WANTS TO PREVENT.

            US actions are all in the name of LDS Temple building in Palestine.
            A game of Thrones son,… and poesures want that land and are willing to burn the world to get it while killing the true heirs of the promise. HAMANN STUFF SON, GENOCIDE?

          2. Provide the world with the evidences that determine How Russia will act next.
            Where was the great dreaded Cyber attack?
            Now non profit in the USA has announced that Russia will use bio and Tactical nukes.
            Why doesn’t our government have this intel and tell us this?
            A: Pat Robertson is a new age Dominionist who is the false prophet of the US Masons who are in league with Mormon war industrialists who together will fight against China, Russia and Iran to Murder the living Diaspora in order to inherit what Esau gave up: birthright over Jacob, progenitor of the Messiah.
            Where is Robertson’s Empirical proof of Russian Intent ?

      2. Yes. You are right.
        The embroiled theater looks to be Europe .
        To rub them out and waste a nuke war on them FIRST so that means less nukes on us!
        Brilliant strategy!
        No more Mergovian european royalty to contend for the Throne of succession in Palestine.
        The LDS cartel gets it and MORE!
        The Mormons will have successfully overcome the Masons for that plumb.
        Hitler btw was doing the very same thing: killing off heir apparent and the Mergovian fraudeters. Hitler used LDS European genealogy records to hunt down genetic Hebrews foe genocide. LDS want the throne with NO living Heirs or contenders.

        2 kitty

  3. The evidence of US weaponization of pathogens in Ukraine is not supported by adequate evidence. However, Russia alleges it has more documents. We’ll have to wait and see if adequate evidence is produced.

    As for planes from Poland, apparently that’s not going to happen. Poland has refused to supply its planes to Ukraine, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense.

      1. Not really. But it makes sense they’d get cold feet. See my response to you elsewhere. Where he might have lied is when he said they weren’t hosting any Ukrainian jets now, i.e., the ones the flew there the first day.

  4. I agree that the information black out is obscene. On the other hand, with the tsunami of western propaganda flooding every inch of media, is it possible that at least some of what Russia has reported above is counter-propaganda? It’s so hard to know the truth.

    1. Russia acted on certain threats of a rogue nation once again.
      ZELENSKI was hurried that NATO rescue them.
      ZELENSKI had his troops defending nuke plants. One was in shut down for scheduled refueling and maintenance.
      Refueling is when the Plutonium is removed to be weaponized.

      Somewhere in NATO there are Plutonium WMD’S that can be traced to a RUSSIAN plant.
      An identical match and fingerprints radioactive-ly.
      Once used, all blame can be placed on Russia.
      A False Flag on a nuclear scale and NATO is ignoring it all.
      The junk was removed to a safer location.
      ZELENSKI wants to fly into the Ukraine and Bomb Russians who we are promised by the 700 club that they intend to use Bioweapons and tactical nukes now on Ukraine. A lie. A 700 flub lie.

      The narrative needs access to dump the junk and the junk is a hot potato in Poland as I write. NATO HAS UNACCOUNTED TERRORIST MADE NUCLEAR WMD’S IN SITU.
      2 kitty

  5. Russia tried to talk to NATO and NATO wants War.
    The Ukraine weaponized Plutonium.
    End of diplomacy .
    Zekenski is a liar, he knows about the Ukraine WMDS.

    Proof is not and was not accepted in earlier discussions. Now there are Plutonium WMDS IN THE EU, in the hands of pro Ukraine
    war enthusiasts.
    Finland is involved as is Poland.

    2 KITTY

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